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Hunger of the Pine is amazing, brilliant. The album art sums it up perfectly: very open, big, spacious sound with broad strokes. (Same can be applied to the album art of Awesome Wave).


But no no no Left Hand Free is just terrible, very disappointing compared to Awesome Wave and Hunger of the Pine.



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From NPR's website




First Listen Live: Alt-J, 'This Is All Yours'


August 27, 2014by RUSS BORRIS •


A unique band with a sound that's hard to pin down, alt-J makes music that's electronic but somewhat folky; it's got elements of dub but isn't exactly danceable. At a time when it's difficult for musicians to set themselves apart, alt-J has created a truly fresh, unpredictable sound.An Awesome Wave, the band's 2012 debut, won a well-deserved Mercury Prize and spawned appearances at Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Coachella and the Glastonbury Festival in 2013. So how does the British band face a potential sophomore slump? It's simply gone and made another beautiful and strange record that sounds like alt-J and nobody else. Join NPR Music and WFUV for a Live First Listen to This Is All Yours on Tuesday, Sept. 2 at 9 p.m.

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This Is All Yours is streaming in certain locations around the globe and subsequently leaked!!!!!!!!!!!


My initial review is very positive! The album is distinctly what we all know and love about Alt-J! Really gorgeous songs with folky guitar and vocals, really strange tracks that have a lot of unique and diverse samples and instrumentals, and really unique lyrics!! Not to mention a lot of them are catchy as hell!


Anyone else heard it yet? What do you think? My favourite tracks right now are : Intro, Nara, Every Other Freckle, Warm Foothills and The Gospel of John Hurt.

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Easily album of the year. Nara, The Gospel of John Hurt, Intro and Bloodflood Pt2 blew my mind, while warm foothills pleasantly surprised me as an upgrade from the live version. Pusher is great too. Needs to be listened to as one piece of music rather than 13. As an experience rather than an album

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I've been listening to This Is All Yours a lot lately and Alt-J is becoming one of my favorite bands. Lovely Day (bonus track) is such a good song!


Lovely Day is probably my favorite on This Is All Yours. :)



[smoke is rising from the houses]

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