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Please vote for Coldplay

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Hi all


Rage is a popular all-night Australian music video program broadcast on ABC1 on Friday nights, Saturday mornings and Saturday nights. It was first screened on the weekend of Friday, 17 April 1987. It is the oldest music television program currently still in production as of 13 December 2012. Rage starts anywhere between 11pm and 1am, the program is classified 'M' or 'MA 15+' through until 6am Saturdays and finishes at 11 am on Saturdays and at 6:30 am on Sundays. Shorter broadcasts also currently air at early hours during the week.


Rage has opened voting for the annual Rage 50, the best video clips of 2012. Help Coldplay make the list by going to the link below and voting for the top 3 video clips of 2012. Hopefully Charlie Brown makes the list!






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