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This sounds like something from the MX era, theme-wise. Lyrics, I am not able to pinpoint at the moment. Maybe in Charlie Brown?


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Something to do with a bagpipe? The longer version of the quote:


"What trifles constitute happiness! The sound of a bagpipe. Without music life would be a mistake. The German imagines even God as a songster."

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Does it have to do with Also sprach Zarathustra? Is it Square One, that uses the notes of the song of the same name?

Yes !! One of Nietzsche's most famous works is Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra).

There is a classical music symphony by Richard Strauss that goes by the same name. It begins with that distinct progression of 3 notes that Square One also starts with:



Well done, your turn !

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