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¡Hola! Hello from Spain

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Hello All. My real name is Javier, I living in Gijón, Asturias, north of Spain, 50 years old coldplayer and married. My 17 years old son likes also Coldplay, but definitively, the big fan in the family is me :laugh3:

I discovered Coldplay in 2005, thanks to the fatastic version of "Fix You" played live at Glastonbury Festival. (I wach on BBC video) and the band becomes my favourite just today. I adquired here in Spain all the official albums (and some "others") and collect Coldplay items. Despite Coldplay played various times in Spain, still i dont see the band in person. I hope in the future. ¿Perhaps a future Coldplay concert in Gijón? Just my dream. This 2013 summer only Bruce Springsteen arrives to my town :laugh3: but i prefer Coldplay of course... :laugh3:


Sorry for my non good english.



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Al igual que tu hijo, yo también tengo 17 años y definitivamente quisiera tener un padre que fuera fan de Coldplay jaja. Tampoco los he visto en vivo pero ellos siempre están visitando España, así que ya habrá tiempo

Saludos y bienvenido a esta comunidad! :)

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Welcome & Hola Javier :) How warm are the winters in Spain's north?


Hi Chuck winters in Asturias are not very cold, temperatures never under 0ºC in cities, normal is 5ºC to 15ºC but the rain is very frequent. We have a lot of green forests due to rain, and nice landscapes of course :)

Thanks all for the nice welcome.

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¡Hola! And welcome!

You will get to see Coldplay one day, and trust me when you see them it's totally worth the wait!! :dance:[/color][/b]


No doubt Mollyxyloto, but i suspect no Coldplay live shows this year... almost in Europe.

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