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Getting to know you (The Cping interviews)

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Maybe he was the psycho kid.


...I'm gonna rip all your hair off, and you're gonna be bald, and everybody's gonna think uhh, look at Bradcock what an idiot.

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You will if I rip off all your hair. I think I recall you posting the grey streak but I can't remember what it looks like. When I grew my hair a bit longer about a year ago the tips around the sides were white/grey (I'm sure you've seen this before it's usually when a guy starts going grey over a handful of years and the whiteness get closer to the head) but that was a stressful time, haven't noticed it since and its fairly long again now. It'll be more evident when I get it cut as that's when I noticed it last time.


My brothers 6 years older and sometimes I notice it, other times I don't, but I'm completely sure he wouldn't be the type to bother to dye it.

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OK, shower then I'll record the video and post it.


I've read the questions (very briefly) so have an idea what's coming. Figured I'd come clean on that. Read them when i woke up and that was a good few hours ago and I was groggy so can only remember a few of them. It'll be up in the next hour.

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