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Hello Fellow Coldplay Fans

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I've been a long-time lurker (evidenced by my post count), but I am happy to finally have taken the plunge. Should start off with my name I guess. I am Jonathan and I am big time Coldplay fan hailing from the fine state of Florida here in the US. I started heavily listening to Coldplay about four or five years ago, coincidentally around the same time I decided to take the plunge on Piano.


Ever since discovering the musical genius of Coldplay I can't stop listening to them. In my opinion they define what music is and always should have been for me. I feel like I connect with the band and Chris Martin in general. I love his lyrics because I feel as if "I get it." You know how there are songs out there from other bands, plenty of them surely, that you simply can't get into and don't connect with? That's about 99% of music I listen to, but with Coldplay it's simply different, it's like this intuitive knowing that this is "right." My favorite song is The Scientist. I think it's one of the most brilliant songs ever written. The lyrics are incredible, the chords are incredible and I simply believe it's beautiful in its simplicity.


I don't have many role models in my life (I am but a 22 year old college student majoring in Health Care Management) (Just about done too!). I can firmly and happily say that Coldplay is a role model for me. I've never seen a band with so much fame and fortune be so humble and pleasant with their fans and thankful for their success. They're decent human-beings above all else. They all have good personalities and I seem to think they're simply thrilled with having the opportunity to do what they do, but they deserve that opportunity 100%. I would hate to think of my life without their music influencing it. I also appreciate the bands chemistry, and you can see that chemistry in their live performances -- they look synchronized and feed off each other, which I think is kind of unique to Coldplay.


Nothing beats a piano, a guitar, a bass guitar and drums.


Sorry for the long intro, but hello everyone. I hope to post here quite a bit and be welcomed into the Coldplay fan base!

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