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Hi from Germany

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Okay now,


it is time to introduce myself to you as I've been spending quite some time now over here. If you want to read my bio, click here.


I am from Germany (south) and after an amazing concert in Munich (we've all been glowing like a huge Christmas tree) I was hooked up to Coldplay.


All my life I was singing and playing guitar and I'll go on tour this winter to promote my upcoming album.




Have a look and rate my songs so I'll know which ones should be on the album.


All the Best,

the Plessing



P.s.: If you're interested to edit my grammer and you're native English speaker... just let me know!

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Guten tag!

Glad you decided to join in, I'd love to check out your songs & will have to do so tomorrow, as of the moment I am slowly drifting off to sleep this side of the Atlantic. I sense now all that is was meant to be, play those harp strings sweetly and enjoy the variety show here! ;)

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Welcome to you and myself to the ColdPlaying forum. I am also new here and seeking information about coldplaying. Music has not been my cup of tea. I used to supply hydraulic seal kits for construction companies. Recently I stuck up with music because of my son who is so fond of playing piano.


I wish to have wonder time with you all.

Thanks for having me here.

See you around! :D

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