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Coldplay will release track "Atlas" from "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" soundtrack on 6/8 Sept

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"Gauzy" actually means "minimal," or, "thin and translucent." So, if the review of the song means what the words used in it mean, then the song will actually have less production.


Of course, there's always that chance that the author of the review meant "gauzy" in a different way, but I wouldn't think that's the case. Here's to hoping for the best!

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Are you serious?? I just found out that in my time, it will be at 9:00am but I have to leave for school at 8:45!! Have to wait a whole 6 hours.....


same here, in my time will be at 6 pm and I have to go school at 6 pm!! :confused:

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I think it'll be something like Cemeteries Of London/42/DAAHF


Ooooh right Cemeteries has the same vibe


I hope so! Those are my 3 favorite songs!


Cemetries of London probably isn't a good prediction. It will probably be way more poppy, for the lack of a better term. It's just, CoL seems like its too low key to be the theme of a big movie.

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