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Coldplay will release track "Atlas" from "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" soundtrack on 6/8 Sept

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I've heard the youtube version and I wished I waited almost. But anyway, the song is really good, they structured it a bit like Moving to Mars. It's not their best song by any means but it wasn't going to go on an album or anything. For a standalone single it's pretty good but really too melancholic to go no.1. or anything - purely my opinion.

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Honestly, it's chilling to hear the closest thing to Parachutes we've seen in a long time. I like MX but I would much rather prefer Coldplay continue to pursue music more like this and 20 years from now we can say "Remember when Coldplay made that really bizarre album called Mylo Xyloto? That sounded nothing like them.", as opposed to "man Coldplay really turned the corner with Mylo Xyloto".

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