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A Fan says HI and THANKS from Northern Europe

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Hey, my name is Jenni and Coldplay has been a huge part of my life for 6 years. I used to visit this site a lot (usually for the purpose of finding more info about Coldplay and their many CD releases). I actually signed up a year ago just to get more info. I've been a Coldplay collector for quite a while and this site and you have given me so many helpful advises about authenticity etc. So thanks for that! Like Guy, I'm a huge eBay addict and tend to spend more money that I can afford to (especially on Coldplay memorabilia).


I'm looking forward at spending time with you and sharing the crazy Coldplay love!


(Hopefully someone will reply to this :))

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Hello Jenni! :nice:


Coldplay has been in my heart for 4 years. I wish I could hear them more earlier. :glasses:


I wish I could have heard about them earlier too! I'm 19 years old and I didn't listen music that much when I was younger. My first memory of hearing a Coldplay song was in 2006. It was Speed of Sound and MTV was playing its music video. I remember thinking it was somehow special, but didn't think about it a lot after that. By then Coldplay had been playing for ten years and I didn't even know such a band existed! After that I got my own iPod and started really listening to bands. In the beginning of 2008 when I heard Fix You I was sold and that's when I really started obsessing with Coldplay :)

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