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NFL 2013-2014 SEASON

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I can't stand to watch the Texans for the rest of the season anymore, but I'm still going to watch the games anyway. It's predictable to know that Patriots will be the clear winner next week. And next Thursday night? I'm hoping we'll win the Jags over for our rematch and avoid being embarrassed on national television like we were when we faced the 49ers and Colts. It's almost like those first two wins never did happen at all this season... Wow, what a mess this season has been.

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That's what some people are beginning to think, whether it be for Bridgewater or for Johnny Football. :P


For a team that was 2-9 when they played against the Patriots, it does sound obvious.


Manziel's gonna be a massive bust!

I would either take Bridgewater or Barr

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that Colts game had me leaping up of my sofa and jumping around the livingroom. I LOVE this game!!!!!! :D

It was one of the best games i have seen all year. :D


Cant wait for divisional weekend. Best weekend of the year.


Championship Games:

Colts @ Broncos and 49ers @ Seattle.


Altough it would be great to have one last game at candlestick. Especially if its a championship game. But i cant see the Saints beating Seattle at home.

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