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NFL 2013-2014 SEASON

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Have fun! I wonder how loud it will be, being part of the 12th man and all. :P


Oh it's loud! This year I was at the season opener against the 9ers, the Rams game and this weekend's Saints game. Monday is usually a tough day at work!

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Just watched the highlights show in UK again tonight- 10mins air time for each game. Looking forward to Super Bowl so I can see an entire game on tv over here- it'll be a late night but I'm super excited.

I know nothing about these things but I'm gonna say Broncos and 49ers

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The Saints game? Cold and windy! But the 2nd Marshawn Lynch touchdown was right at our end zone, and was amazing to experience!


Monday? It's been a nerve-wracking week so far. Can't wait for Sunday.

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