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Hi from Houston...

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Just wanted to check-in and say thanks for creating Coldplaying, most cool site! I am looking forward to interacting with other members.


Just to tell you a little bit about myself...


I was born in Surrey, and moved to the US when I got married four years ago. My wife Sara and I are expecting our first child, due February 27, and we are already getting so excited.


I have been a fan of Coldplay since before they were signed and am very passionate about the guys and their music.


In the profile we are asked to name our favourite album and I really had to think as there are tracks on each that compile my favourites. I settled on Viva la Vida for personal reasons, and I'm honoured to know the foundation of its existence.


In my opinion, I believe the secret to Coldplay's success is that they are more like a family of brothers than just another 'boy band'. It is obvious the hard work they put into the creation of the tracks, and each album tops the previous one, while still complimenting its predecessors.


I am on this site because I would like to interact with other like-minded fans and share our experiences and the excitement of watching Coldplay go from strength-to-strength. Please do feel free to message me any time.


I have opened a social group: The Blue Room. Although there is not much there at the moment, over the coming months I am intending on adding more to it. I hope you will feel free to join it and offer any ideas you might have on how we could add a little Yellow into it.


Anyway, enough from me, I am looking forward to connecting with you and learning more about why you are a Coldplay fan.


Have a great time and loads of fun!


Viva la Vida



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