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Where's Coldplay?

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Inspired by a conversation I had with someone who will remain nameless last night... :D I thought of this.. I hope you enjoy it.. I hope it's not too hard, or too easy!


Basically it's where's Waldo for Coldplay... All four members are in there somewhere. If you can find them :D


It's pretty big, so I just gave you a link.




NB: You might have to download and then play with the zoom.. ;)


Ah well I had fun anyway.. :laugh3:

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i zoomed and the first one i found was wally xD then chris, jonny, guy and will took me a while, that was a hard one xD it was really cool ! thanks bro, next time someone who has a lot of free time and knows how to draw should draw them and draw like... "find coldplay in a flaming lips concert" or something like that, drawing all kind of funny stuff in a concert and putting annoyingly similar characters to trick you, like in the real wally's.

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