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Secret Santa 2013

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Alice, I'm so happy you are pleased! I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas! :heart: :heart:





Hello guys!!! :DDDDD

I've just arrived home and guess what I found in my mailbox...

I couldn't even breathe from my enthusiasm! I'm soo super happy!

Lots and lots and lots of thanks to my lovely Secret Santa LdySpace

who made my day! I can't believe what you did for me dear...(even you don't know me)

You are the most amazing person in the world <3 So kindhearted and generous and with a beautiful soul...

You devoted soo much time and effort to do those things for me! I LOVE YOU...

I'm so lucky to be your S.S.pal :)


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Alice, I am so happy you are pleased!! I was so happy to be your secret pal. Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas! :heart: :heart:


edit: Sorry for the duplication! I got a strange message and thought it didn't go through. Well, I am doubly pleased that you are pleased. :)

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Hey!! So sorry I forgot to post here, but my Secret Santa does know, that I got my card this week!!! :D Thank you so much Tash! :heart:

The chocolate C was finished in 2 times, in one night :| So delicious, and I actually really needed chocolate so that was perfect :lol:

I haven't had the time to put the pics on my laptop etc, I hope to be able to do that later today.


edit: Here are the pics!

Missing in the pics, I also got some really cool band aids with very nice motifs :wacko:






look at dat C :wideeyed:


Thank you again Tash! :dazzled:

edit2: I just discovered there was another present in the package! :lol: Look at that absolutely lovely garland! :dazzled:




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Great to see all those cards. Cant wait for mine. I`m getting really excited just by browsing this thread.

Hopefully will be sending my card this week. Really takes long to figure out what to send. :thinking:

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To my Secret Santa: do not worry if you have already sent my card and I have not responded. I am currently not at home but in Los Angeles for a Family visit and will not be home till Dec. 15th. But there is somebody at my place so your card will not be lost. Maybe it's already there! This makes it all even more exciting!

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Hey Santa! My gift arrived yesterday. It's very lovely! :heart:


I got some socks (essential in England) a Charlie Brown Christmas window decal :heart: a lovely santa hat with antlers (like Chris' :D) and a 'starfish' tree decoration! Oh and I nearly forgot a bag of Herseys's kisses..


Thank you Secret Santa!! Christa42 :kiss: :kiss:


I am very tardy with mine, I know! I will send it out this week! Promise!!

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Is it best to send the card first or in a different envelope than the package, since packages may take slower due to inspections? Do not send spices or food to Australia because the mail inspectors take them out of the package. That happened to me.

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