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Another piece of music for Catching Fire - 'We're A Team'

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Didn't know where to post this, but it's related to Hunger Games soundtrack too, i guess.


So, i had too much time today :lol: and searched some stuff on ASCAP database where the new music is registered. And what I found...


Coldplay seems to be involved in some other musical piece for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire beside "Atlas".

That piece (with Work ID 885837837) is called "We're a team" and is co written with James Newton Howard (composer who writes scores for movie and also for the new Catching Fire movie).


That's it, thought maybe someone is interested in that information :)

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A second Coldplay song on the soundtrack isn't surprising considering that Taylor Swift had two songs on the first soundtrack but the fact that James Newton Howard has also written this song is very surprising and a little exciting.

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We don't know yet, but it's probably just instrumental piece of music for some scene in the film. At least i think that, so please don't have too high hopes for another song. :)

An instrumental is actually just as exciting for me as a regular song! :awesome:

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