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Cyan Kat

Mixtape Exchange #16 [Mixtapes due 25/11]

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I promise I'll upload it no later than tuesday

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uploaded mine today :dance: but i'm not really proud of it...


I feel the same way. :disappointed:

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Question: Does it have to be MP3? I'm a big fan of AAC M4A files myself. It's the type of audio encoding that iTunes uses to distribute music, so it's not one of those weird bare-unplayable file types like FLAC.

M4A files should be ok seen as most people have itunes.




I promise I'll upload it no later than tuesday

no problemo.

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also people it's cool if you don't upload on time so long as you pm me or just post to show that you are still about and still meaning to do it. i'll post the links i've got after the deadline to those who have already sent me their own tape.


i have a lot of work to do for tuesday and i haven't done any because my brother smoked out the living room and i've not been feeling great from smoke inhalation :awesome:

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I have been really busy, so I am finishing setting it up today, and will upload it tomorrow. It is my first day at the new job, so I will upload it tomorrow night, so I might be a bit late... :(

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I'll upload mine on tuesday. It's mainly done, but I want to fix some things, and I can't do that today as I have a bit too much work to do.

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Maybe people that are late shouldn't post it here but PM Cyan Kat, otherwise it's easier to guess which tape we get.


Cyan Kat, are the tapes send out already?

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Thanks to everyone who has sent them in, I've started sending out mixtapes to people who have sent me their own tape. If people haven't got one today it's because I haven't been sent it yet so be patient and i'm sure most people will get there's in the next few days.

If there are any problems with opening/downloading files etc. please PM me and let me know.

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Sucks that I've missed this :(

I can add you to a reserve list if you would like?

in case of anyone who fails to make one or review one, which i'm sure will happen as usual.

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First track fun. Reminds me a tiny bit of The Cure but more poppy. Not the kind of thing I usually listen to. They definitely sound English.


Second track more guitar based. Some decent solos in there and I like the production on the vocals. Another English band.


Next track is a bit different to the former two. I like the intro. I'm thinking maybe this could be an all English theme. Another one that reminds me a little bit of The Cure. An album track of them maybe. But it's definitely not, that's just the vibe I'm getting. I like the stop and then start up again. There's enough good production on there to make that could be a simple song into something with more substance.


Track 4 is strings at the start and a high pitched male voice. I'm not sure if the vocals are my kind of thing.


Track 5 is bouncy and fun. Beachy. Sounds quite Vampire Weekend. Might be them. I especially like the lead guitar scaling down. Didn't particularly like it when it broke down and the guy seemed like he was semi-rapping, but then you can't beat jungle drums that follow. It's got an almost Animal Collective style chant vocal in places.


Next track is another interestingly produced one. I like the drums and the way they seem almost cut into the piece. I also like the breakdown in this one with the deeper vocal and the guitar through that bit. This one may be my most preferred so far. I'm changing my mind about it being an English theme as i don't think this band is English. I may be wrong. And it may not even have a theme.


Track seven reminds me of a band and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's a Kele Okerele solo track. Or Bloc Party since there's a lot outside of the first album I haven't heard. Yeah, pretty sure he's singing. Maybe guest vocals as I haven't heard his band sound like this before. Gonna listen to more from the album of whatever it is, when you let me know. I like this a lot.


Half way point. Good intro. Another one that sounds familiar. Then it kicks in. Liking it. Maybe this mixtape is English or British. The bands all seem below 30 too. The vocal seems so familiar from another song I know, maybe Some Velvet Morning by Primal Scream in places. Liking the guitar on this one. Raw but still reserved to the right level.


Track eight sees the first female singer. I've heard this song I'm sure, but I don't remember it and I don't know who it is. Maybe I've heard a song by the same artist. Good outro.


Like the start of the next track. Not sure if I can connect with the vocals but it does a good job within the song. Second female singer (unless I'm mistaken). Good use of strings.


And I like the start of track ten too. Very much. Struggling with the vocals again but again it does fit well so I can't complain. Interesting change towards the end to lead it out. I like the production on this one especially.


I'm moving back to the British theme as my guess, if there is a theme. Track eleven seems very British. The beginning almost seemed like a solo Morrissey track musically and then it moved somewhere close to Badly Drawn Boy in the vocals in places.


Track twelve is Eliot Smith, which blows my British theme out the water haha. I don't really need to say much on this track. It's very, very good.


Then the closer. Like the intro. Feels almost like a demo at the beginning. Like the lead guitar a lot. Chorus is a little aggressive in the vocals but still liking the guitar.





Overall a very eclectic mix which I enjoyed. I'm intrigued about the one with Kele singing. There's only that one and the Eliot Smith one I could say I knew. Looking forward to seeing the track listing and thanks very much whoever made this. I'm very hard to please and was expecting to dislike huge amounts, which I did not.



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I'm in love with whoever made my mixtape, really loved the album covers and the note you left me!


1. Track: Intro/Welcome. I really like this kind of ambient/electronic music, I started listening to this type music this summer and is slowly becoming more and more important for me, but I'm really ignorant of this whole new genre, so listening to artists that make this kind of music is always a new found for me. I really like the instrumental of this song, a little less the voice but it fits the song.


2. Track: Sweet. The bassline and guitar reminds me a little bit of Foals but the production seems different from their stuff, the voice seems to me Ezra Koenig but it's not his kind of lyrics i guess. It's really an enjoyble song but not my kind of music, like, the lyrics don't tell me something that makes me feel different. I really like that low point at around 2:50. The lenght of this song is right for it, if it would have been a little bit longer it would have gotten boring and repetitive for me.


3. Track: I Thought You Were Australian. Oooooh the beat got me since the very first second, really, really, really like it, I love how the singer used his voice as an instrument that fills the song, his voice is perfect for this kind of music and I love remixes where the voice is cutted and repeated like that. It's one of those songs that makes me close my eyes and dance like Thom Yorke. I really love the end, those strings and sax(i guess?) were completely unexpected and I love when a song surprises me.


4. Track: Summer. Really summer-ish song(hence the name), I love it, the voice, the guitar, bass and drums. But unfortunately I listened to it in a mood where this wasn't the right feeling i wanted to express through music, but I listened to it while going to school in my fathers car and really chilled me down and made me really happy despite the grey sky!


5. Track: Just Enjoy The Ride: Another song that got me from the first second, i love how when he sings the music gets heavier, I love how the second guitar in the background repeats the same riff over and over. I really love how the song lets the guitars speak for it. I'm really looking forward for the song next to this one in it's original album, because of that strange outro.


6. Track: Jazztown. Damn I'm Ignorant in this genre of music, i heard this voice before but i'm going to make names because i might just say silly things. The only thing that bothers me is that the volume of the voice is way too high and doesn't let me enjoy the instrumental.


7. Track: Honeymoon. Mmm I don't like the production of this song, some sounds are too loud, almost bothering my ears. I don't have really everything to say about this song, it left me with a feeling of "meh"


8. Track: Overcome. I like it, a cool song, maybe nothing special, but i like the chorus, and the way he sings, i don't know why but it reminds me of Damon Albarn in his Gorillaz days.


9. Track: The Nuclear Song. I hate this kind of music, full of noises and not a proper beat to "follow". I didn't like it, i tried to find something i did enjoy in it but no luck.


10. Track: My Guitar Has Effects. The title made me laugh! I love the voice, i think i heard it before, it reminds me of the nice and old Lou Reed. Relaxing song to listen to on a summer day


11. Track: Clarinet. Stunning, emotional intro, you can hear the man breathing while playing. Wow, stunning piece of music, a gem, 4 minutes went away like few seconds, I felt like i was in trance, it was so relaxing, i thing i'm going to use this in case I have trouble falling asleep. I should start listening to more of this genre of music but it's really hard to find something good on youtube without any name or example.


12. Track: Nothing. Really different song from the previous one, i like the instrumentals of it but i don't like the voice of the singer, love the part that starts around 02:10.


13. Track: An Apple, A Pear, A Plum Or A Cherry. Really strange music, but i like it cause it reminds me of italian/mediterranean music, so it felt like home :cheesy: I Think this is the Christmas song you were talking about??


14. Track: I'm A Rapper, Mate: The way of using his voice reminds me of Marylin Manson but i'm sure it's not him! Strange song, i kind of enjoyed it especially from the 4th minute, i love the production of it.


15. Track: Let's Get Loud. I think I know the band/singer, but nothing comes to my mind right now. It gives me a feeling of something... shady... it gives me energy, I shoud use this song while drawing.


16. Track: Outro (Christmas Spirit). Great outro, now i feel like christmas is started for me too :)



Enjoyed it! And sorry if my music taste scared you!! Ahahah

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Well i feel like i can now post the track list to Prince Myshkins review. There was a little theme but not a strong one, it was "Birmingham & Beyond". I do a music show here in Birmingham (UK) and play a lot of unsigned local acts as well as established ones so the mixtape is the kind of music we play on that show.


Birmingham & Beyond:


Peace - Lovesick

(Birmingham signed band who are making a big name for themselves atm)


Broken Witt Rebels - All Worn Out

(Unsigned Birmingham band who are also good friends of mine)


Metronomy - Heartbreaker

(Band from london i believe, one of my favorite songs)


Editors - What is This Thing Called Love

(My girlfriend hates his vocals and cant listen to this band, they are a great, Birmingham formed band though)


Crystal Fighters - LA Calling

(Band formed in London again, have strong links to Basque culture and are one of the best live bands ive ever seen)


Bombay Bicycle Club - Carry Me

(Very much an English band, this is a new one from them which will be on their next album)


Bloc Party - The Healing

(Well spotted, this is from their new album 'Four', which is one of their best. There are a lot of songs on that album you wouldnt recognize as a Bloc Party track, its a good listen though)


Babypink - Feeble

(A very new band to form in Birmingham, there is a big buzz about these guys right now, hopefully they can push on from the good start they've had)


The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

(This is a song that was shown to me by a friend i have in America, its quite big over there but id never heard of them until recently)


Clean Bandit - Rhianna

(An English band i was very exited to see live but was disappointed with them, doesnt take anything away from the recorded songs though)


Jamie Woon - Night Air

(English lad who didnt really take off after this great song, not sure where he's from)


Travis - Love Will Come Through

(Our mates travis, tried to put some songs in that Coldplay fans might like in case the eclectic mix wasnt to peoples taste)


Elliot Smith - Between The Bars

(Well spotted again, great song)


Friday Club - Tropical

(Finnish with another unsigned Birmingham band, one of my favorite tracks of the year)


Can download it here...


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"I Thought You Were Australian" should be a real song.



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1) This is definitely Lorde. I admire her individuality and unique sound and voice. She's very much her own person. Her music is smart. I think this track would be interesting to hear with strings in place of her looped backing vocals, but really, it's not something pop artists do often, using their own voices as more of an instrument. At least not since scatting was a thing. God, this girl and this song just exude cool.


2) Arcade Fire! "Rococo." My listening has been pretty spotty since Neon Bible and I don't consider myself a fan, which confuses me because I really do like them. I like the lyrics--not just the catchy "rococo" chorus, lol--slamming a bit of the more pretentious people. The music is safely Arcade Fire's sound, which isn't wrong or bad, because even now it's something no one else can seem to replicate. It really only works for them, anyway. Ooh, nice guitar solo.


3) This is a bit louder than the previous two tracks and I don't think I know what it is. I don't. A bit synthpop. It kind of reminds me of older Britpop, stretching back into the early-mid 2000s. I like this kind of music. The bands always seem to know how to use silence appropriately, through their sound, if that makes any sense. I really like this guy's voice, and I am sure that it isn't at its prettiest in this song. This might sound good acoustic. I really like this, wow. "I'm sorry for times that I have kept you awake", I think he said? I like that.


4) I'm fond of the sort of folk-y, rock sounds that bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have been playing, so I'm enjoying this. I like this break at about a minute an a half. And the female backing vocals add a lot. The guitar is crunchy but the vocals even it out. I really like it.


5) This is quiet and pretty. Now less quiet. And that's James Mercer. This must be Broken Bells rather than The Shins. I like.


6) It sounds like an elevator at the beginning. A Silent Hill elevator, complete with creepy fan. It's like white noise, in a good way. It's picking up a bit cheerful. Sounds nice. I wonder if this is an instrumental? It sounds like Radiohead, but their sound changes so frequently that for a casual listener like me it's hard to recognize them without Thom's voice sometimes.


7) Oh, pretty. This accomplishes something that a lot of music doesn't seem to attempt nowadays, a musical portrait. I like electronic music, especially when it's more atmospheric like this. There is a place for this artist in my library. I have enough trance and stuff, and since I only started listening to this type of music a couple months ago, more light and airy music would be good. Maybe my favorite track on this tape.


8) Glad to hear another female lead. I like this--a big guitar sound in a small room sort of feeling. She reminds me of Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (vocalist in many Silent Hill tracks), probably because of that unbridled sound (which is actually quite controlled). The only way the group could have handled her voice being a distraction from the music is with these breaks, really. The music is good; it's just that you can only really hear it if her voice isn't there. She just sounds too good. A very cool song, somehow managing to feel both calm and urgent at once.

9) I really do like the guitars in this track and how they play off of each other at some points. This sound has been growing in popularity and a lot of bands have been successful playing it, but it has always been sort of uninteresting to me. I like it, but it isn't something I could really get into.


10) This is interesting. I don't really know what to say, but I do like the instrumentation, and the gradual add-ins of different sounds. The build, I guess. Like, it's two minutes in and continues to grow in complexity. It's really good. It sounds like it's stripping itself back down at about four minutes. Really cool, really musically interesting track. Things like this are why it bothers me when people say that there is nothing new or intriguing in modern music, or when people rag on non-traditional instrumentation.


11) Someone has a sexy, sexy voice. This kind of sounds like a Bond theme, which is good, because those are always good (let's not talk about Madonna's). It's so intimate. It almost feels like she's whispering in my ear. I feel like a skeevy old man. I need a cold shower.


This mix has very good representation from both sexes, which I really liked. I hear too many people say "I don't like female voices as much" which is all well and good, except people seem to equate female voices with pop divas, which is not nearly representative of the whole of female voices. Anyway. Uh. I liked this tape for the most part, as I'm trying to get into more electronic music, and I think the track list will help me out. The person who made this is clearly not holed into one genre, and I like that. I also enjoyed the addition of instrumentals, which I don't think is something everyone feels comfortable adding into a mixtape.


Also, I'm not sure why I mentioned Silent Hill twice?


Thank you for taking the time to make this.

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It's mine The Mad Hatter! Wow, you're good at guessing songs! Here's the tracklist:


1. Lorde - The Love Club

2. Arcade Fire - Rococo

3. The Domino State - Your Love (the guitarist is Jon Buckland older brother)

4. Cloud Control - Ghost Story

5. Borken Bells - The Mall & Misery

6. Radiohead - I Am Citizen Insane

7. Jon Hopkins - Breath This Air ft Purity Ring (the normal version is without the female singer)

8. Trifonic - Broken

9. Foals - 2 Trees

10. Trifonic - Emergence

11. Massive Attack - Black Milk

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