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Hey everyone- I've been a member on here for a while but never got around to posting, so here goes! I'll briefly introduce myself-


I'm 17 and I'm from England, and I discovered Coldplay about 4 years ago now. I've seen them live twice (December 4th MEN Arena and June 10th Etihad Stadium) and I'm going be seeing them a third time in December (Under 1 Roof).


My favourite album is ROBTTH, and my favourite song has to be Fix You. I know that's too obvious for some people but I have so many feelings behind that song.


I play guitar and have done for about 7 years. I can play any Coldplay song on guitar, which is one of my proudest achievements!


Let the Coldplaying journey begin!

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Welcome!!! :D

You're very lucky to be able to go to the Under 1 Roof concert!! You'll find that several people here are going too! :D

And that is so cool to be able to play all their songs on guitar!! :wacko:

See you around!

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