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do the new thing

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I definitely think someone had a few drinks at the New Years party, lol! I'm going out and getting pissed tonight so I will come home and post in this thread and try and do it the new way to but it probably won't work I will probably just look like an old drunk wino, lol.

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holy shit i make myself laugh along with everyones reactions hahaha


yes i had a few drinks of celebration for new year's. i guess i just wanted to warn you guys that we do things differently now. ONLY THE NEW WAY

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Oh come on, really. It's suitable enough. Do you also enjoy being ironic? Or Macbooks and Starbucks coffee?

Wow! How did you know! :O



I'm not actually being serious at all. Just making sure you know that.


And I don't actually like Macbooks (I have a PC) and I don't really drink coffee...



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What is this thread about anyway? Posting random things?



i've been awake for 48 hours with the assistance of coffee

Try that without coffee! It's really funny what kind of things start to appear in your vision after a while lol


You should get your sig to blink, like Batman's avatar.


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