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Ghost Stories, release date: 19 May 2014

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Still there best album, they where really experimenting with sounds and atmospheres.

Thanks! :D


So will you be my leak buddy then? :)


Of course :) anyone who wants to be leak buddies send me a pm so i remember who asked me :)



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The leak is imminent. The thread must be reopened quickly!


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lol we've called the leak "imminent" for the past 30 hours and yet it still hasn't happened

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Guys... Like Sparky said in the actual leak thread; we aren't supposed to be discussing it anywhere else. Please wait until that thread is re-opened to discuss ANY matters concerning the leak.


Pretty hard not to talk about it! :laugh3:





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wow the more I listen to the things /song we have this album is superb .. I think its raw emotion at its best .. What an expression of love from him to her and to himself .. As he ends always in my head and says " this I guess is to tell your choosen out from the rest " BAWWWWW Wanna bawl my eyes out LOL I hope this album gets taken seriously for what its worth from the critics

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