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"O" is gonna be my favorite track!

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Yeah, the piano is just classic coldplay - definitely feels related to atlas's piano line. I love the song, but i'm kind of mixed bc i really wanted Jonny to play one of his classic shoegaze guitar lines more prominently (kind of like amsterdam, but I think with sky full of stars coming before it - I think they made their exclamation point and then with this song - sort of a coda... beautiful, simple, but such an emotional and ethereal song. What an album, and that instrumental with Apple's and Chris' voice - can't get any more beautiful than that - don't know if we have to thank Brian Eno's influence on them, but always loved how they liked ambient music (I think of their rendition of yellow in live 2003 dvd, or even how they open the concert with Eno's track). Regardless, this album just punctuates an another amazing trilogy for Coldplay - both a revolution and an evolution for them - we are so lucky to be able to witness this over the past 15 yrs or so. Incredible,



Going back for the third listen (1st listen, didn't even realize this visual animation for the album, and really loved it... 2nd time with visual album - words cant' even describe the feeling - I felt like I was in another dimension of being. Thank you Coldplay and Phil!!!

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Why is the gap between Fly On and O so long? At least on iTunes first play.


O is shorter than what's listed on iTunes; maybe that's not the beginning of O, and there's just an awkward cut there?

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Fly On pierces my heart. ASTONISHINGLY beautiful, it is the best song they've recorded since Amsterdam. It's music like this that makes you want to go out and create beauty around you.

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The instrumental at the end is fucking perfect. The bass riff is like an old school Death Cab for Cutie bass line and the synths and harmonies are like Sigur Ros. It's beautiful. I can see why Chris said it was the best piece of music they've done.

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