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What can we do to save the forum?

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"Everything's not lost" and "Fix You".


(When listening to Fix You 5 minutes ago on a Danish radio programme (with good music) I was listening to the words "go to waste" and "cannot be replaced" made me think of the coldplaying situation.


Hopefully everything will turn out for the best. :fingerscrossed:

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$12,001? That's Just cheesey.:p (and my bf, who knows More about online auctions is laughing at the nOOb, lol.)


Shame about his lack of understanding of the circumstances then. :rolleyes:

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I hope it isn't Vladmir Putin bidding out there

No. Only gay people listen to Coldplay, and he doesn't like gay people, lol.

What if it's Reilly

It certainly wouldn't be dull around here!

What if it's Joe Satriani :wreck: :uhoh:

Didn't he come up with the idea for this forum I'm the first place in t 80s?;p

Oh man he's gonna sue us all D:


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