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Hello Coldplayers! It's a beautiful day in Coldplay Land and we have a fun new raffle/contest in store for you.


We have a limited number of "Love Buttons" and would like to give them away to members of the board. Over of the next few weeks we will be asking fun/quirky/interesting questions about Coldplay and the first person to respond correctly will receive a " Love Button". Please PM me your answers and I will get back to you. If I do not respond right away, Don't Panic! I will report back here in the thread that a winner has been chosen. We will then move onto the next question and winner.


So the first question today is: Who is the Fifth member of Coldplay?




Good Luck!

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These are the original ones

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So for today's question, you have dig a little for the answer......


Find the 42nd word in blog #42 from Roadie #42


first person to pm me with the correct answer wins


Good luck!

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