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Rank the Ghost Stories songs!

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1. Oceans 2. Midnight 3. Fly On 4. Another's Arms 5. Always In My Head 6. Ink 7. True Love 8. Magic 9. A Sky Full Of Stars Another's Arms has really grown

1. A Sky Full Of Stars: Of course only the live version without Avicii is awesome / Maybe the only song from this album we will hear in a few years (9/10)

2. Ghost Story: Wonderful, sounds like the old Coldplay, I'd put it in the X&Y era because it reminds me a lot of "Sleeping Sun" (8,5/10)

3. Ink: Nice song, could be so much better if it were guitar driven through the whole song(like in the live version) (8/10)

4. O: I don't see why so many of you like it so much, I'm missing the highlight in this song (7/10)

5. All Your Friends: Also sounds like old Coldplay, but it's a bit too easy (7/10)

6. Oceans: Ok, but compared to similar songs in previous albums like DAAHF, Don't Panic or TKC it lacks a lot (6.5)

7. True Love: Much too easy, no peak, only the guitar part in the end is nice (6/10)

8. Midnight: Nice try, again no peak, gave me the hope of a Radiohead album... (6/10)

9. Always In My Head: Worst album opener ever, gives nothing to me (5/10)

10. Another's Arms: average pop song, sounded a bit better live (4.5/10)

11. Magic: Worst song of the album, one of the worst Coldplay songs ever (probably after POC) (4/10)


All in all it results in a rating of 6,5/10 which I would even reduce to 6 because of the incredibly bad lyrics. All I got left is hope.

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Guest kmm1482

1. Ghost Story

2. Oceans

3. All Your Friends

4. O

5. True Love

6. Magic

7. Midnight

8. O (reprise)

9. Inside My Head

10. Ink

11. Another's Arms

12. Sky Full of Stars (if I HAVE to put this song with the others)



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4. O: I don't see why so many of you like it so much, I'm missing the highlight in this song (7/10)

That makes me sad. The song is so beautiful imo. It doesn't need a highlight. It could be a purely piano song and it'd be great, even without changing much.



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1.O 9/10.. Amsterdam would be a 10 because it has that epic outburst at the end, which unleashes the emotion from the first part of the song

2.Ink 8/10.. Positive and on repeat, great melody

3.All Your Friends 8/10.. Very new Elbow album'like and I happen to love that one to death

4.Oceans.. Chris and an acoustic guitar... do I need to say more

5.True love 9/10.. Love the vocals in this song, the whole thing reminds me a lot of a certain period in life :)

6.Always in my head8/10.. Sets the mood for the album, love the intro and think it will be great live

7.Ghost Story 8/10.. Classic Coldplay I specifically like how it ends, I DISAPPEAR

8.Another's Arms 7/10.. I like the song but the lyrics just sometimes are so cheesy, I end up listening to it a lot though, also the backing vocals are cool

9.Magic 8/10.. Don't know how it ended up here but I guess I connect a bit more with the other songs

10.Midnight 6/10.. A cool experiment, otherwise I would have preferred a song with clear vocals

11.A sky full of stars7/10.. Same thing as Magic but I'm looking foreword to hearing this at festivals in the summer

12.O (Reprise) 9/10.. I'm putting this here because it's kind of a interlude but it gives me chills though, high score because it's perfect but not a complete song


Oh and before I forget, they Aced this

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1. O - More because of the lyrics of Fly On and how it resonates with my own love life and loss - but I'm a sucker for Coldplay's piano songs in general, reminds me of Atlas which I also loved. The main O and it's reprise however are very beautiful and a solid way to end the album.

2. Sky Full of Stars - also a fan of Coldplay's poppy material, and this was really the only one on the album but I loved it, should be a live staple alongside Charlie Brown and Fix You

3. Oceans - Love the atmosphere, and the interlude at the end

4. Magic - Great first single, listened to it almost every day since it came out

5. Ink - nice and catchy despite the creepy lyrics!

6. True Love - great lyrics (I'll probably find myself saying "If you don't then lie to me" often...) and music

7. Another's Arms - love the angelic female sample, but the style of the song itself not a big favorite

8. Always in My Head - nothing against it, just not one of my favorites

9. Midnight - Musically awesome, vocoder doesn't do it for me.


Don't know where to put All Your Friends and Ghost Story - they're awesome though, maybe even the best of them all!

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I haven't heard Ghost Story and All My Friends, but here is my review of the album and ranking of the songs. Overall I thought it was an excellent album and I've given it many spins already. The Sky Arts concert was great too. I'm not going to rank it against their other albums: IMO the important thing is that they're still in form. They've added some more truly great songs to their catalogue, something most famous bands stop doing by their 3rd album, never mind their 6th.


O/Fly On - Beautiful, haunting track that makes an instant impression. Wonderful closer.


Ink - Nice mellow track, very catchy. I feel the end of the chorus sounds a tad awkward ('so much that it hu-urts') and the verse is the strongest part, but overall probably my second favourite track.


Midnight - Sort of the thematic centre piece of the album, almost unintelligible lyrics with ghostly atmosphere but still plenty of melody and harmony to enjoy.


Anothers Arms - very good album cut, great production work. This one is probably captures the most emotional pain.


Oceans - another high quality album cut, reminds me of Parachutes. This one will get some play at acoustic open mic nights and the like


True Love - bit sappy for my tastes, but I can see this being used on many a rom-com soundtrack. Has an outside chance of being the Fix You of the album, with its sing-along friendly chorus. Beneath the sappiness there is a rather good McCartney-esque melody.


Magic - usually I don't like songs which loop the same riff for the whole track, but they do manage to inject enough entertaining material to make it a good listen. Will probably get played to death at sports events and such. And it is a great bass riff.


Always in My Head - maybe the sleeper hit of the album... this one has been growing on me. Very gentle, unassuming way to start the album - you know it's Coldplay, but can sense the new toned-down sound of the album from this opening track.


A Sky Full of Stars - clearly Coldplay's attempt to infiltrate the clubs, and very much of its day with a driving rhythm and euphoric piano chords. Pretty good, though don't think it's quite infectious enough to be a lasting hit

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1. O (10)

2. Ghost Story (9.0)

3. All Your Friends (8.5)

4. Midnight (8.5)

5. Oceans (8.0)

6. O (Part 2) (8.0)

7. Always in My Head (8.0)

8. Ink (7.0)

9. Another's Arms (7.0)

10. A Sky Full of Stars (6.0)

11. True Love (3.5)

12. Magic (3.0)


MX for Comparison


1. Us Against the World (10)

2. U.F.O. (10)

3. Up With the Birds (10)

4. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (9.5)

5. Major Minus (9.5)

6. MX/Hurts Like Heaven (9.5)

7. AHT/Don't Let it Break Your Heart (9.5)

8. Charlie Brown (9.0)

9. Up in Flames (8.5)

10. Paradise (7.5)

11. Princess of China (3.5)

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A Sky Full of Stars


Always In My Head

True Love


Ghost Story

All Your Friends

O (Reprise)

Another's Arms



Now it's:

1. Midnight (10)

2. O (10)

3. Magic (9.5)

4. Always In My Head (9)

5. A Sky Full of Stars (9)

6. True Love (9)

7. Ink (8.5)

8. All Your Friends (8.5)

9. Ghost Story (8)

10. Another's Arms (7.5)

11. O (reprise) (7)

12. Oceans (7)

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1. A Sky Full of Stars

2. Midnight

3. Magic

4. True Love

5. Ghost Story

6. Oceans

7. O

8. Always In My Head

9. Ink

10. O (Reprise)

11. All Your Friends

12. Another's Arms

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My ranking has changed since the album was released, now it's:


1) Ink


3) True Love

4) Always In My Head

5) O

6) All Your Friends

7) Magic

8) Ghost Story

9) Midnight

10) Oceans

11) Another's Arms

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After 3 months:


1. Midnight (10/10)

2. Magic (9/10)

3. Ink (9/10)

4. Another's Arms (8/10)

5. O (Fly On) (8/10)

6. Oceans (8/10)

7. Always In My Head (7.5/10)

8. All Your Friends (7/10)

9: Ghost Story (7/10)

10: True Love (6/10)

11: ASFOS (5/10)

12: O Reprise (5/10)

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1 Oceans (one of my favorites songs from Coldplay, one of the deepest lyrics Chris has ever done. I just like to thank Chris for wrote this. This song helps me a lot)

2 Magic ( The best single from the album so far.)

3 Always in my head

4 True Love ( The chorus is f*** brilliant!!!!!!)

5 Ghost Story

6 A Sky Full Of Stars

7 Midnight

8 O

9 Another's Arms

10 All your Friends

11 Ink


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