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Rank the Ghost Stories songs!

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1.Fly On - One of the best Coldplay song ever 10/10

2. AIMH - Studio version is so beautiful 10/10

3. Midnight 9.5/10

4. A Sky Full of Stars 9.5/10 - It sounds like a beautiful climax to a sad album.

5. Oceans 9/10 - The studio versions is much better than the live version imo

6. Magic 8.5/10 - Still very catchy after all this time

7. Another's Arms 6/10 - Grows on me. This album just grows.


Overall, this album lays on the balance of beating AROBTTH, which is 2nd in my fav coldplay albums behind Viva. If True Love and Ink are 7's or 8's, this album will be amazing.


Something tells me that True Love and Ink will be even higher rated than 7 and 8... For me this album may take the crown from AROBTTH as my favorite coldplay album-- something that I was honestly beginning to think wasn't possible after MX.

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1. Oceans 2. Midnight 3. Fly On 4. Another's Arms 5. Always In My Head 6. Ink 7. True Love 8. Magic 9. A Sky Full Of Stars Another's Arms has really grown

I have a feeling Ink will be amazing, 10/10, and the single after ASFoS. And I've been happy with what I've read about True Love. Strong melody, "slicing solo by Jonny Buckland" sounds orgasmic! And Timbaland, who apparently isn't half bad as a producer, (he's very successful) worked on it.

This album looks set to beat AROBTTH

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Updated version from two weeks ago! Only songs we have heard in full!


1. Midnight--9.5/10--Still so glad Coldplay gave us something like this, so fresh, moody and beautiful.

2. Always In My Head--9/10--Feels like floating, lovely atmospheric swaying gahhh, totally Coldplay, wonderful.

3. Oceans--8/10--Love the dark, sad nature, the lyrics are actually pretty good, really pretty acoustic guitar chords and sonar noise.

4. Magic--7.5/10-- Great pop tune, love the minimalism and all of the little textures that you can pick out (chimes, piano, drum kit variations.)

5. Another's Arms--7/10--Need the studio version. Lyrics cheesy, a bit too poppy sounding piano for my taste, but love a lot the elements and whoooms going on, plus Jonny's guitar is nice!


Ink, True Love, and what we have heard from O (Fly On) are really exciting to me and could overtake any of the tracks above!


9. A Sky Full of Stars--3/10--Will be my least favourite song, hands down. I just can't take Coldplay in this style of music very seriously, it doesn't feel genuine or interesting to me. Feels more generic, overproduced, and won't stand out for me amongst songs that sound (almost too) similar. :(

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1. 0 - Sounds beautiful. No other way to describe it. 9.5/10

2. A Sky Full Of Stars - I love the "grand," fast paced, high energy Coldplay songs. This will be no exception. 9/10

3. Always In My Head - Sounds like classic Coldplay. The atmosphere and guitar playing really stand out in this one. 8.5/10

4. Oceans - Sounds like a more modern version of what could have been on Parachutes. Like it a lot. 8/10

5. Midnight - Didn't really like it at first, but I really do now. 7.5/10

6. Magic - this song doesn't do a whole lot for me, but it isn't terrible. 6.5/10

7. Another Arms - like Magic, this song doesn't do much for me, but it is still decent. 6/10

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1. Oceans - it is AMAZING song, best of all GS 9/10

2. O (Fly on) - Sounds beautiful, can't wait to hear the full song. 9/10

3. Midnight - The most interesting and special song in GS in my opinion 8.5/10

4. Another's Arms - Sounds like coldplay single I love it, the lyrics a bit less 8/10

5. Always In My Head - At first I did not like that song, it bored me also it had bad lyrics. but the studio version sounds excellent ! 7/10

6. Magic - I still do not understand what people find in this song There is nothing in it It sounds a bit like improvisation 5/10

7, A Sky Full Of Statrs - Terrible song, I just hate this Avichi EMD style, I wish Coldplay would return to rock... 3/10

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1. A Sky Full of Stars - I know that everyone is saying they don't like this song because it's not truly Coldplay, and I know that it's a very different sound from the rest of the album, but this song changed my life, and it describes exactly my relationship with the most amazing girl in the world - 10/10

2. Magic - I usually wouldn't rank Magic this high because I've listened to it so many times and it's kind of getting old, but it's a great track and its composition is stellar - 9.5/10

3. O - This song is just so beautiful. I obviously haven't heard the full song yet, but it's just so peaceful and simple. I wish real life would be more that way - 9.5/10

4. Always In My Head - I love this song, especially because it's always in my head. It's a perfect track to start the album, and I love the guitar riff and the beat. This is an amazing song - 9/10

5. Oceans - This song is pure Parachutes; it's so peaceful and calming, and it's also so deep, just like oceans. I loved the live version on BBC Radio 1 in the lounge, but the studio version that I heard on the Zane Lowe interview is so much better. A great peaceful track - 9/10

6. Midnight - I wasn't a huge fan of this song when the video first came out, but now I love it even more after hearing it more. I especially love the live version of this song. It's a good one - 8/10

7. Another's Arms - This one is a good song, but for some reason, it hasn't really connected with me as much as the others. I love it, but it seems like the same thing throughout the whole song. It's a good song, just not as good as the others - 7/10

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A Sky Full of Stars 5/10 - I really want to like this track, I really do, but god do I hate EDM and Avicii. I really do not like this style of Coldplay songs. Yet this song will end up getting millions of views on Youtube and conquering the charts. Which I don't care if it does and I want Coldplay to have a successful hit, it's just that I know I'm going to end up sick of hearing it everywhere when I don't even like in the first place.


Always In My Head 6/10 - I'm not really a fan of this song at all. It's not a bad song by any means, it just doesn't really do anything for me.


Another's Arms 8/10 - The most underrated track on the album so far. I really like it. It has a really catchy hook.


Magic 7.5/10 - This song is hard to rate for me, because while I think it's a good song, I don't find anything particularly exciting about it. At the same time though, it doesn't sound bad at all. Your typical feel-good piano Coldplay song. It's nice, but not special.


Midnight 9/10 - At first I wasn't sure what to think of this song, I wasn't really liking the style of it when I first heard it. It was a bit too slow for me, but then I kept on giving it another listen and ended up loving it. I love the mysterious and eerie feeling. A peaceful track to play when I need help sleeping at night.


Oceans 6/10 - The most overrated track on the album for me. I've liked every Coldplay album to date, but some of their songs I just don't like and this is one of them. It's extremely slow, even for Coldplay. It never really goes anywhere. While it might be similar in style to Parachutes, I still think even the worst song on that album is still better than this.


O 10/10 - I was worried at first that I wasn't going to find that gem that I'll end up loving like I do on every other Coldplay album. 5 or so songs went by and none of them were really clicking with me, none of them was the hit I was looking for. Then we get this 2 minute snippet and I found it. This song is beautiful. Easily the highlight of all the Ghost Stories songs I've heard so far, and there's still another 5 minutes left to this song. I love the sad yet beautiful tone this song has. This is the kind of song I want to hear from them, not the EDM centered songs designed for dance music (Although they do need that one big hit of a song for sales so I'm willing to live with it as long as it means there's only 1 or 2 of them and more songs like O instead) It's easily shaping up to be a contender of one of my favorite Coldplay songs. It's the one song that has built up the hype I'm feeling for this album. If the full song is every bit as beautiful as this preview, then I know it'll become one of my favorites.

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A Sky Full of Stars 5/10 - I really want to like this track, I really do, but god do I hate EDM and Avicii. I really do not like this style of Coldplay songs. Yet this song will end up getting millions of views on Youtube and conquering the charts. Which I don't care if it does and I want Coldplay to have a successful hit, it's just that I know I'm going to end up sick of hearing it everywhere when I don't even like in the first place.



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1. A Sky Full of Stars (this is Coldplay, changing their music all the time and still be sooooo good)

2. Always in my Head (classic Coldplay)

3. Magic

4. Oceans

5. Midnight

6. Another's Arms


They're all so close to each other it's really impossible for me to rank them. Midnight at fifth plae yet it's so close to ASFoS which I ranked first. That's how close the songs are to each other on this album.

Can't rank O yet

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I will rank only the songs that I have listened completely several times and that I have already processed :P


1. Oceans. I love this song, it sounds so like Parachutes Coldplay :)


2. Magic. It's simple but very good, with a mix of old and new Coldplay , although I have listened to it a lot of times last month I don't get tired of it


3. Midnight. I didn't like it at the beginning, but it grew on me, it has a new and different style


4. A Sky Full of Stars. Duh, It's ok but it sounds like any generic electro-dance-pop song like any you can hear when you turn on the radio... maybe it needs to grow on me

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Ahh, it's so hard lol, but I think:


1. A Sky Full Of Stars (although honestly O will probably tie or surpass this, but I'll make that judgement when I hear O in its entirety).

2. Midnight

3. Magic


Then I'm feeling about the same on Always In My Head, Another's Arms & Oceans for the time being, so they tie for #4.


Edit: Actually I'm kind of feeling the same about Magic, Always In my Head, Another's Arms & Oceans, so those 4 might just tie for #3 lol...sorry, I'm so indecisive xD

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A Sky Full Of Stars (10/10)

Magic (8/10)

Midnight (7/10)

Always In My Head (6/10 need to hear studio version in full, I predict 8/10)

Antohers's Arms (6/10 same as AIMH)

Oceans (4/10)


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1. Fly On - Still find myself repeating this song over and over again. The beautiful melody and Chris' hauntingly sweet voice with the heartfelt lyrics add up to be one of the finest songs I've ever heard. 10/10

2. Oceans - I love this song now. I think it is the way Chris is accepting everything, the pain and all, and they amazing ending lyrics, "You've got to find yourself in the world." 10/10

3. AIMH - This is my favorite opener now. For me, this beats Politik because I feel there is a real pain in Chris' voice. 10/10

4. Midnight - Chris' voice is haunting in this track, as is everything else. The repetitiveness of the song is the only reason it isn't 10. 9.5/10

5. A Sky Full of Stars - First off, I know this song is controverial, but for me, it serves its purpose. I feel happy and excited and hopeful when I hear this song and the vocals are great. 9/10

6. Magic - I think this was a perfect first single that is catchy, radio-friendly, but low key and has the familiar pained voice that most of the tracks in GS have. 8.5/10

7. Another's Arms - I like the song. I don't love it, but I have a feeling the studio version will be good. 7/10


Percentage wise, Ghost stories is 92%. Viva La Vida has 93%. I am convinced that this will be their best album IMO. Emotionally, for sure.

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