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[1-Jul-2014] Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

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Well that was the best gig I have ever been to and probably the best gig I will ever go to.


From start to finish it was just amazing. I had arena tickets and when we first went in the security seemed pretty relaxed and we were able to walk right up the stage, take photos and stuff, it was great! Our seats were right next to were the boys walked on and off of the stage and I got a high five from Will and Jonny and patted Chris and Guy on the back at the end after they walked off from their encore.


The show itself was great too. I'm so please they played Don't Panic and Everything's Not Lost as well as some of the newer stuff. The only thing I am slightly disappointed about is that they didn't play Yellow or O but other than that the set list was great!


One slightly strange thing that I noticed was when they went off before the encore, Guy, Will and Jonny went one way and Chris met a lady with two young boys and went off another way. Anyone know what that was about?


Anyway, those who are going tonight, enjoy it and savor it because it really is about as good as it gets!


P.S. I will upload some photos and videos later.

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Wauw, still reliving the beautiful 1st of July. What a day... The concert was great!!! Although I was all the way in the back, last row of Circle seats, I really felt part of the show and felt the energy. Goosebumps all the time.. The sound in the RAH is really amazing, beautiful! (The cheering and clapping when the band went on stage gave me goosebumps to begin with!)


But this day was extra special to me because I got to see the soundcheck!! :D


I arrived around 2 pm at the Hall and went inside the Box Office/Restaurant, to check out the place. Then I saw this door towards the Stalls, and just checked if it was locked.. And it wasn't! So with a beating heart I went in and was amazed by the beauty of the Albert Hall. And of the beautiful stage that around 30 or maybe 40 crewmembers were building up. I was so excited I got to see this, but ofcourse there was no sign of the band. So I decided to leave again.




But outside I realized..what if I would sneak in again, just wait en see the band do a soundcheck? So around 4 pm I went back in. Only now there were some crewmembers in front of the door, so I couldn't sneak in. I waited around a little and just when they walked away for a few minutes, I snuck back in :wink3:

I could see the stage was almost finished, so my hopes were up high. I was sitting at the floor in one of the stalls, or maybe it was the Choir section, because it was next to the organ. I was so scared I would get caught, and every time crew members would walk by, I would make myself very small haha. But when 2 members walked by, just said 'hi' and didn't send me out, I was a little more relaxed. After 30 minutes the band arrived!


First to arrive was Phil, then Jonny. They talked a bit, then Will and Guy came in as well. I was so excited, just to sit there so close to them. But I didn't dear to say anything, because in fact I was intruding. And then Chris arrived...with Simon Pegg, his wife and their daughter Tilly. Chris invited Tilly onto stage, and what followed was beautiful!! Chris played piano while Tilly was singing, and they played a couple of childrens songs, like "the wheels on the bus go round and round". It was so sweet and really beautiful!! (I felt a little bit like I was intruding on a private moment...)


Then after this the soundcheck started. It was so nice to see the band talk to each other, discussing which songs should be in the setlist. I heard Chris say "Maybe Phil is right, we should change the setlist. Why don't we play some old songs? Don't Panic? Everything's Not Lost? Or A Rush of Blood?" I wanted to scream YES, PLAY ALL OF THEM! :lol::lol: (but didn't) :rolleyes:

The soundcheck lasted for an hour and contained Ink, Viva la Vida (with Will and Chris standing right in front of me at the 'b stage', I had to stop myself from coming out of my hiding place haha), Don't Panic, Everything's Not Lost, a happy birthday song for little Tilly Pegg, and Always In My Head.


After these songs the band invited the whole crew onstage to take a group-picture. When the band left the stage, I felt luck was on my side today, and I quickly walked up to the part where they would leave the stage. (Again, "act like you belong" seemed to work, because nobody from the crewmembers glanced at me!) Guy was gone, but Will and Jonny passed me. I quickly said hi, shook Jonny's hand and wished them luck for the show tonight. Sadly Chris was already gone, I didn't see him leave. But what a day!


I couldn't believe I got to see the whole soundcheck, it felt very private and was very special to me. After that my day was already great, even before I saw the concert itself. Which was awesome!!





Unfortunately very bad quality, but this is the band soundchecking:


Again, very bad quality, but click for a little snippet of Don't Panic! :D


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And then Chris arrived...with Simon Pegg, his wife and their daughter Tilly. Chris invited Tilly onto stage, and what followed was beautiful!! Chris played piano while Tilly was singing, and they played a couple of childrens songs, like "the wheels on the bus go round and round". It was so sweet and really beautiful!! (I felt a little bit like I was intruding on a private moment...)



:wacky: :wacky: :wacky:


thanks for sharing your story!

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Coldplay, Royal Albert Hall, review: 'a treat'


Coldplay's sold-out show was an instructive display of their development into the mega band they are today, says Adam Sweeting


The Albert Hall was besieged by Coldplay fans desperately seeking a ticket for this week's pair of sold-out shows. But for anybody able to get one, it was a treat to see the band in this comparatively intimate space. They'd turned the venue into an in-the-round experience by building a stage in the middle of the stalls and hanging the amplification from the ceiling, allowing vocalist Chris Martin to scamper about freely to face every side of the house.

The show itself included a chunk of material from the new album Ghost Stories, but the British rock band also roved back across the past decade and a half to pick out songs from all their six albums. It was instructive to see how the band has developed from the original have-van-will-travel quartet, playing wistful, understated pieces like Don't Panic or the country-ish strumalong 'Til Kingdom Come, to today's digitally savvy mega-group, now displaying distinct leanings towards electronica.

Ghost Stories has taken some stick for its absence of big tunes – perhaps unfairly. The band climaxed the show with a tumultuous performance of A Sky Full of Stars, which provoked hysterical pogoing in the house, and there was plenty of other interesting stuff bubbling under. Magic felt sparse and atmospheric, punched along by Will Champion's heavily treated snare drum. During Oceans, the drum-kit became a melodic instrument, making delicate pinging noises. The foursome went the whole electronic hog for Midnight, with Guy Berryman triggering bass notes using laser beams, Champion creating percussion on a bizarre light-table, and Martin's vocals processed into a chorus of Enyas.

However, the band’s traditional strengths hadn’t been forgotten. The anthemic, singalong Coldplay got a run out in the likes of Clocks and Paradise, and Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall sounded like a decarbonated, fat-free U2, not least thanks to Jonny Buckland's Edge-like guitar skirl. Meanwhile Martin practised his idiosyncratic frontman moves – which always make him look as if he's teaching a free-movement class – and kept making dashes across the floor to glad-hand the punters thronging the normal Albert Hall stage.

Coldplay certainly know their way around a ballad. We wallowed in the limpid melancholia of The Scientist, and surely the most hardened cynic must have felt a lump in the throat as they unfurled the stately heartbreak of Fix You, a sort of two-for-one bundle of Let It Be and Bridge Over Troubled Water with a loud rocking bit in the middle. It would be an understatement to say they left the crowd wanting more.


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Coldplay play career-spanning Royal Albert Hall gig at first night of their 'last shows for a while'



Coldplay played the first of two nights at London's Royal Albert Hall last night (July 1), which singer Chris Martin said would be one of their "last shows for a while".


Taking to the stage, moved from its usual position to a platform at the centre of the crowd, the band entered uniformly wearing all black after a lengthy build up of atmospheric warm-up music.


The ceiling above the performance area was covered with suspended silver stars and rainbow coloured lazers, with star-covered tree branches also placed at various points around the room.



Kicking off with 'Always In My Head', the group had the crowd on their feet from the off. Declaring that he was "so happy to see you all", singer Chris Martin then lead the band into 'Charlie Brown' before taking to the piano for 'Paradise' at the end of which he stated that his band have "the best fans in the world".


Continuing with 'Magic' and old hits 'Clocks' and 'The Scientist', which provoked a mass singalong from the crowd with people holding their phones up in place of lighters, Martin then finished the track with a line from Adele's 'Someone Like You'.


Telling the crowd that this was one of their last concerts for a while, the singer then said that they would attempt to play "a few songs from each album, which doesn't seem like a revolutionary idea but it's strange for us". They then launched into 'God Put A Smile Upon My Face', taken from 2002's 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' and 'Til Kingdom Come' – which the singer stopped midway through to joke about an audience member making an amusing noise. 'Don't Panic' was also stopped to cheer for guitarist Johnny Buckland who took lead vocals on two lines and was deemed by Martin "the shyest man in the world".


'Everything's Not Lost', 'Ink', 'True Love' and 'When I Ruled The World' followed, during which Martin and drummer Will Champion took to a smaller stage at the end of the venue. They then continued with 'Midnight' and fan favourite 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' before exiting for the first time.


With the crowd chanting the riff from 'When I Ruled The World', Coldplay then re-entered wearing a mixture of white and grey tops before launching into 'Oceans'. Instructing people to "loosen up", they then played 'Sky Full of Stars', inciting the crowd to jump up and down as confetti cannons of white paper stars went off around the room. The band finished with 'Fix You' before uniting to bow to different areas around the stage in turn.


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Coldplay review – Chris Martin's melodies ease a long, dark night

Royal Albert Hall, London

Set is weighted towards the melancholy material of Ghost Stories, and the sympathy vote extended to singer is palpable





A great break-up album can be a thing of wonder. From Bob Dylan's red-raw Blood on the Tracks through Marvin Gaye's self-lacerating Here, My Dear to Fleetwood Mac's vengeful Rumours, some of popular music's most powerful and cathartic albums have emerged in the wake of a brutal, soul-destroying relationship breakdown.


When Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow announced their split (or, in 2014's most ridiculed buzz-phrase, "conscious uncoupling") after a decade together three months ago, there were initially hints that Coldplay's imminent, sixth album, Ghost Stories, could be poised to join that illustrious canon. These hopes increased when the track listing featured songs entitled True Love, Midnight, and, most forebodingly, Another's Arms.


The reality proved different. Martin and Paltrow's parting did indeed suffuse every second of Ghost Stories, but rather than serving as creative inspiration for Coldplay, it produced an album that was little more than a muted mope, a morose wallow in self-pity virtually bereft of the band's trademark majestic melodies and soaring choruses. In his time of personal discomfort, Martin retreated to his musical comfort zone.


The album's heart-on-sleeve lyrical confessionals are doubtless sincere but tend towards the predictable and could easily prove excruciatingly mawkish live. Wisely, Coldplay played the cavernous Royal Albert Hall in the round, at least marginally increasing the evening's intimacy factor.


They weighted the set heavily towards the new material, with opener Always In My Head and Magic being typical. Both are melancholy, brooding washes of electronica illuminated by shards of Johnny Buckland's U2-style infinite guitar, and deal with the sense of dread occasioned by the loss of a loved one. The latter song finds Martin huskily intoning, "I just got broken, broken into two."


Martin performs even this material with his trademark puppy dog enthusiasm but a whole evening of it would drag and in any case Coldplay have always been most effective when channelling giddy, delirious euphoria. The gorgeously propulsive Clocks and God Put A Smile On Your Face re-emphasise that they may be much maligned but few, if any, stadium-filling bands routinely dream up such sublime, mercurial melodies.


The pace drops again for Ghost Stories' Ink, a throbbing reverie of a song that sees Martin back in plain-speaking mode: "All that I know is I love you so much it hurts." True Love is a similarly lovelorn lament and is received in reverential near-silence: Coldplay have always majored in empathy, and the sympathy vote being extended towards Martin tonight is palpable.


After the pattering electronica of Midnight, they return to encore with the Avicii-produced ecstatic rave track A Sky Full of Stars, a dance anthem which towers over the low-lying soundscapes of the rest of Ghost Stories like a skyscraper in a desert. To close, Martin successfully urges the crowd to turn musical comfort blanket Fix You into a joyous sing-a-long. It's a welcome reminder that Coldplay can still turn a long, dark night of the soul into a defiant celebration.


The Guardian

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Neil from One Direction was there too :lol:


Horan: Coldplay's incredible


Niall Horan is a huge Coldplay fan.


The One Direction star was one of thousands who went to see the British band, fronted by Chris Martin, perform at the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington, London Tuesday night.


While he's more accustomed to being the one on the stage making the crowd go wild, Niall admitted he loved taking a backseat to watch Chris, bassist Guy Berryman, guitarist Jonny Buckland and drummer Will Champion wow fans with their latest music.


'The royal Albert hall was rocking tonight!' Niall tweeted after the show. 'Went t see Coldplay, was incredible ! Never seen them live before, so was a great experience,' he added (sic).


Apparently the band members, who are promoting their latest release, Ghost Stories, were feeling great about the gig as well.


'Goodnight London. That was a cracker,' a tweet from Coldplay's verified Twitter account read, with a picture of the packed venue.


Niall meanwhile seems to be making the most of his brief break from 1D's Where We Are Tour.


The pop star and his bandmates are scheduled to play in Düsseldorf, Germany on Wednesday, but Niall recently issued a plea to some of his very eager fans.


'Can you limit what gets thrown on stage please! Coz somethin thrown at me tonight! Hit my knee! A lot of pain from it!' the 20-year-old tweeted.


'Never wana sound like I'm complaining! But only having my operation 5 months ago, I still get a bit of pain and I'm very scared about it,' he tweeted about the band's show in Amsterdam last week (sic).


The message came just a few months after 1D took a break at the beginning of the year for Niall to recover from knee surgery.


Although the star was reportedly seen limping in pain off the stage, and his bandmate Harry Styles was also apparently struck by a wayward object, there were no hard feelings.


'Amsterdam thank you for a great couple of shows! Appreciate you coming (sic),' Niall later tweeted.


Music News

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Hi guys; managed to grab a couple of shots, though the lighting was fairly dim - hope you like them! This was a really great show - I particularly enjoyed hearing the new tracks from Ghost Stories live. I went with my wife and her brother, and we had a fantastic time.


Also - I spotted Phil before the show, and Jonny kindly high-fived me as he left the stage, which was nice!



Coldplay live at the Royal Albert Hall - July 1st 2014 by P. G. Morris, on Flickr



Coldplay live at the Royal Albert Hall - July 1st 2014 by P. G. Morris, on Flickr



Coldplay live at the Royal Albert Hall - July 1st 2014 by P. G. Morris, on Flickr

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Here's my video of the last 2 songs 'A S F O S' and Fix You. Only taken with my phone camera so sound is pretty poor. How I would have loved to have been the woman Chris hugged !!! One lucky lady. What a fantastic concert it was. I'm still exhausted from it.

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So here is my small review. Before the concert I was pretty excited and a little bit mad at the same time, because it was my Coldplay concert number 28, but I was on top of the RAH in block X. It was the first Coldplay concert for my girlfriend and that was the other Thing, I thought she should have the same experience as I had the last 27 concerts and that was the front row.

So we went to the RAH around 7:30 (because Switzerland played at the Worldcup) and we got our tickets and made it inside of RAH. Wow, what a beautiful building, it is probably the most beautiful venue in the world. So we sat down and I was still a Little mad because this was our view: image1.jpg




Then the Support act started, no idea who that was :-S after my girlfriend said she has to go to the restroom and this changed everything. We walked down and this guy with a lot of tickets was there and looked at me and said: Hey I know you, you are one of this crazy fans right? I was like yes I'am and he said: So you should sit in the front row!? I was shaking and he gave me front row tickets, yes I almost cried there and gave him a big hug. So we went down and we sat down and I was so excited and then it started. WOW... they where so close and there was nobody pushing etc. It was so amazing!









And it was all because of her, my princess of Switzerland ;)



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