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Target Version Leaked? (Read first post before posting)

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I created an alternative version of Ghost Stories using the bonus tracks for personal listening, check out the thread in Multimedia for tracklisting and link if you're interested! I accounted for transitions between tracks so that it maintains a natural flow:



Managed to keep it at 42 minutes in length too, so it's still concise but IMO sounds a little more complete as an album.

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I have gone to multiple torrents and file sharing sites, they all tell me I need to download software... Could someone please send me a link for the bonus tracks that dosent require me to download software??



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Oh crap I was too busy being unproductive at work trying to get tickets this morning that I have been working all day to make up for it and didn't think to check to see if these tracks have leaked until now. I guess I missed out on the leak. :(

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