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Target Version Leaked? (Read first post before posting)

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Ghost Story especially is much better than some of the album tracks. Sadly it's too different sonically to really fit in. But I'd love the next record to sound like this. It's like a mix of Parachutes and Prospekts March


This exactly! This songs are so cool but they don't fit into GS, except for the O (reprise), which is kind of Coldception! We have a song singing within a song (Moses :P).

Besides, the b-sides. All Your Friends is a 80's song and it sounds simply great, that bass is something that I never hear of Guy! Definitely, this is the Guy album.

Ghost Stories is a cool country song, reminds me a little bit of A Whisper :) but it's much better. I like to hear an album like that b-sides!

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I'm guessing it's because there are the extra tracks following it. You can't really do a hidden (ghost) track in the middle of an album with a time delay.

I would suppose that the standard edition will have the silence.

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