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Putting Atlas to Ghost Stories's Target Edition track list

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Hey guys. I've considered putting Atlas in the international version of Ghost Stories but it didn't turn up quite well with O, but with the Target edition I find it suitable to put it at the end of the track list. I love it!


My personal opinion though ;)

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Yeah I understand that. But I've considered Atlas as a 'follow your own path in your live, mine is like this and yours are like this but at the end we fight for what we loved' song and I find it fits after Ghost Stories's conclusion.

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Atlas wasn't written for Ghost Stories, plain and simple. its a piece for a totally different puzzle. it was written for something else, so should be treated as such.




In the Making of Ghost Stories interview with Fearne Cotton, an original tracklist was shown that revealed that Atlas originally was going to be on Ghost Stories. :wiseguy:

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