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Rank Coldplay's 6 Studio Albums

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1- A Rush of Blood to the Head

2- Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends / Prospekt's March

3- Parachutes

4- X&Y / Ghost Stories


And as for MX, I'm trying to forget it ever existed.

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1. Ghost Stories

2. A Rush of Blood to The Head

3. Parachutes

4. Viva La Vida/MX

5. X&Y


I hope for another continuation album for both VLV/MX. It sounded so good but the track list doesn't seem to connect to each other. I love an album that had chemistry between songs so I could have enjoyed it without skipping any of the track (like GS just did). I love MX, and I certainly thought X&Y was too damn repetitive but as had spawned a great single and played great and radio.

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1. Viva + Prospekt's March


4. Parachutes

5. MX

6. GS


P.S.: GS isn't bad or anything, I just don't feel hyped by it as I did when VLV or MX were released.

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1. Viva La Vida - Easily their most creative album, in terms of style, instrumentation, and arguably the best lyrics of any Coldplay album. It differs from its predecessor in that each song sounds different, yet the album feels like one whole.

2. A Rush of Blood to the Head - The classic Coldplay album. Awesome songs, and it defines Coldplay's place in the world rock/pop music. In has the most rock edge of any of their works, with consistently good songwriting that has stood the test of time, etc.

3. Mylo Xyloto - MX is commonly ranked lower but I personally like it for its colorfulness and the positive energy it brings. Love the blending of electronic and rock elements.

4. X&Y - To this day it's a mix of every era (minus VLV) in terms of sound. Because of this it may be the most Coldplay-sounding coldplay album, if that makes any sense. Some songs sound similar to each other, but they do each have their own unique qualities (e.g. String ascension in 'What If', weird bass/guitar lines in 'X&Y', folk-y 'Till Kingdom Come'). The album gets better appreciated the more you listen to it.

5. Parachutes - Calming, and a great acoustic guitar album. Did a good job introducing Coldplay to the world. Some songs are more interesting than others, though, and doesn't have the same energy as the rest of their albums.

6. Ghost Stories - Maybe my feelings are premature, but I actually feel like people's rankings of GS will go down as time goes on. The songs aren't bad, but most of them contain at least some of the bad qualities found in Coldplay's music. The lyrics are very simple, often repetitive, and the themes aren't really that deep. The songs achieve the creation of their intended atmosphere but don't sound that unique or new. The thing I dislike the most are the drum tracks, especially on Ink, True Love, and Another's Arms. Coldplay has a drummer, they might as well use him, rather than sounding synthesized and R&B-ish. As a drummer myself, it might explain why 'Ghost Story' was the first song on the album I really got into upon first listen, as it's the only one with an acoustic drum sound. I don't dislike GS by any means, but it doesn't do anything better than what their other albums have done.

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1. A Rush of Blood to the Head - this is what got me into the band - amazing piece of work

2. X&Y - Another favorite of mine....I first saw Coldplay on the Twisted Logic tour.....some favorite songs of mine are on this one

3. Parachutes - great chill album.....great debut

4. Ghost Stories - this one could get higher (or lower) as time goes by.....really impressed so far

5. Viva La Vida - great songs, but also some that not are not as great (in my humble opinion of course)

6. Mylo Xyloto - just can't get into this one

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I have noticed that Ghost Stories has been placed as no.4 on a vast majority of everyone's lists. Is there some sort of divine association with Ghost Stories and the number 4 or something? :lol:


It's not that close to their best, but it's not as poor as their worst.

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