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Rate the Ghost Stories Songs!

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What do you think of the tracks so far? Order them from 'best' to 'worst' and we all can share each other's opinions.


My list, though extremely close is...


1- O (Fly On)

2- Oceans

3- Always in My Head

4- Midnight

5- A Sky Full of Stars

6- True Love

7- Magic

8- Ink

9- Another's Arms

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Aren't there like 20 threads like this one on here? Haha..


I really can't rate these songs, man....every time I listen to them, I love them more and more. It would undermining my love for Coldplay if I rated them.


As the creator of this thread, I agree with you totally, which I guess isn't the best thing, y'know, since I created it.

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