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LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"

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What the hell is all this trashtalk about?! :angry: Alright it's over now :angry:


So, about the snippets :awesome:

1. AHFOD is my least favourite I think, but still sounds very good. I think it's just that I don't connect with this song as much as the others.

2. Birds: they've gone indie pop ohmygod!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! That's one thing that was not in their repertoire yet and I thought it was just completely out of reach for them but NOPE!! They've done it!! They've gone Phoenix!!! I am really excited about this track!

3. Hymn For The Weekend: Now is this a banger or WHAT?! :awesome: My favourite snippet, I have literally listened to it over 50 times. They've managed to pull off a rnb/soul track?! Is this really happening?! It sounds absolutely glorious and I'm definitely super excited to hear the full track

4. Everglow: it's EEEEEVERGLOOOWWWWWWW :lol: sounds like a powerful ballad/anthem like they know how to do :nod: ot sure about the production though, might be a tad too heavy? We'll see

5. AOAL: well we know this track and I absolutely love it :awesome:

6. Fun: WOA!!!!! What is that?! So creative, so brilliant! Really intrigued by this one, but it sounds very promising!

7. Kaleidoscope: bahahahaha :lol: it is BRILLIANT but I can't help laughing at the idea that they actually took Barack Obama singing the Amazing Grace. I mean we knew it already, but to hear it is a whole different thing :lol: The result sounds awesome though. Like, it somehow actually sounds cool? Might we finally be able to use this word again?

The piano is magnificent by the way :awesome:

8. Army of One: Organs? :awesome: They keep surprising us. Not as strong as the others, but still super interesting

9. Amazing Day: the studio version is promising i think :nod:

10. Colour Spectrum is the second transition, which we were expecting I think. And it sounds pretty cool :awesome:

11. Up & Up: I was expecting it to sound this way and to have that amount of production and I still love it :awesome:


i love ALLLLLL the snippets :awesome:

Too excited to hear the full album!!!!!!!


Don't worry, it's over. My apologies for joining in all that poop-themed nonsense...


The whole collection of snippets, except for Hymn For the Weekend, sounds great to me. The production might be a little overdone on some tracks, as you suggested for Everglow, but there aren't any moments where it gets to be too much.


I'm liking the musical diversity. There's a U2-esque arena rock track, an indie pop track, a dancey R&B song, a soulful ballad, a disco-influenced song, a darker X&Y-ish song, a calm, poetic interlude, an experimental organ-based track, a somewhat acoustic and ambient piece that sounds like Aiko, and an homage to Oasis. That is quite a lot of variety, so even though I'm unsure about some of it, I have a feeling I'm going to forgive those moments and enjoy the album as a whole just because they are taking that idea of nonconformity to heart. :)

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Does anyone know what time they'll be on Zane Lowe's show? Last time someone asked the topic derailed into a poop-lyric fest:D


I think Zane Lowe's show normally airs at 10 a.m. Eastern U.S. time, which is 5 p.m. UK time. So, expect Coldplay sometime around then or maybe a bit later. :) I do wish that we had an exact time...

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Guest diogo_sg
Even I don't really know. Someone said something about hoping that Fun "doesn't have shit lyrics." Look what that turned into! [emoji14]


I think Zane Lowe's show normally airs at 10 a.m. Eastern U.S. time, which is 5 p.m. UK time. So, expect Coldplay sometime around then or maybe a bit later. :) I do wish that we had an exact time...

Thank God! By 5pm I'm already back home from school [emoji1]

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It would be premature to judge an entire album just by the snippets. We still have to reserve final judgments until at least two weeks after the release.


But so far I get the impression it's very much Mylo Xyloto 2.0. Apart from AOAL all tracks are way way overproduced. Can't say much about the lyrics or the instrumentation with a 10 second snippet but the production and melodies are all too reminiscent of MX, albeit a more poppy MX.


Birds and Up&Up sound promising but I cannot fathom why they would overlay the guitar solo on Up&Up. The solos were what I was looking forward to the most and I sincerely hope they haven't ruined it by the messy production. Will's drums are also replaced by electric ones on the studio versions of both AHFOD and Up&Up. Again I don't understand why!

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Hey everyone! I've posted very little to nothing at all since I've been an official member but I feel like this is the time to branch out. I've been all over this forum the last several years and have thoroughly enjoyed everyone's opinions and getting to know everyone even if I've been hiding. Coldplay has definitely changed my life with their music. If I listen to viva or rush of blood in the right mood I can feel that magic that they once brought. They changed my life. This band owes me nothing more and I'm forever thankful that they brought this music in to my life. Whatever they wish to produce from now on feels like a bonus to me. There are virtually no bands to produce quality music time after time and if there are some songs they produce now adays that I don't love, then so be it. I love this band and I can't wait for every album. I can't wait to hear A Head Full of Dreams and experience songs for the first time. I'm so happy this forum exists and there's people that love quality music. I hope everyone enjoys AHFOD!

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I bought two very expensive tickets to the "red zone", sold like "front stage" but maybe I should have waited and buy the general pit since for sure the show would just a little be on main stage. Very disappointed by Live Nation ES

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Italian radio RTL 102.5 (the same that aired last Italian gig, Torino 2012), is posting since yesterday some pics about Los Angeles relase party (I think) and hashtags #exclusive #comingsoon


They probably bought the rights to air the iHeartRadio album release party that will air on Yahoo streaming video december 3rd.

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