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LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"

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a head full of dreamsfantastic album opener, little bit MX style, it's funky, it's powerful, makes me wanna dance. Didn't really like it when they played it live and was really afraid of the studio version. But it's actually really good! Love the guitar piece on this one! Can't wait to hear it at the concerts, guess it will give a similar reaction as VLV. 8/10


birds oh boy, I didn't know what to expect after the snippet. I like the beat, it reminds me a little of HLH for some reason. Nice drumming by will, my compliments, but not a great fan of the vocals. Oh, and the end is horrible (wtf guys, seriously) i think this one has to grow on me. 7/10


hymn for the weekend absolutely hate it. This sounds like it was written for John Legend or something. No coldplay vibe at all. 3/10


everglow well, the lyrics are okay. It’s not bad, but I know they can do better. Don’t like the strange sound in chris’ voice. This one will sound horrible live, just like the para-para-paradise part live. But the album really needed a song like this. I’m in love with the piano and the short crying guitar part, goose bumps. 7/10


adventure of a lifetime off topic, what a horrible MV, wow. At least they had fun. On topic. It took me a while, but i love it. MX vibes coming through, it sound so colourful and a lot of energy. johnny, will and guy did a fantastic job on this one! But chris, shame on you. woohoo? Boohoo! Nevertheless 8/10


fun I had high hopes for this one. Kinda disappointing, average song. Tove lo’s voice sounds great. It’s a nice match with chris’. Lacking on lyrics.. just.. nah… doesn’t do the trick for me 5/10


kaleidoscope this is just fantastic. I love how they made use of the guest house poem. It’s more of a personal thing. But the whole vibe is just dreamy, light and floating. I like that. Should have fitted perfectly on Prospekt march. The first 2 times i completely missed the obama part. Whoops. 9/10


army of one it was my favourite snippet. I absolutely love it, because it reminds me of the VIVA era. The Pipes, the church bell, i love how chris sounds (well, not the deformed parts) really powerful. really surprised! 8/10


x marks the spot the same problem as HFTW. “my heart goes boom boom boom boom”. Are you serious Chris?! Really cheap R&B. Not my cup of tea. awful. 2/10


amazing day I was really disappointed when they performed it live, but i’m in love with the studio version. Nice, mellow, could fit nicely in the GS era. When I listen to it i’m drifting away in my thoughts. Lyrics are pretty much okay. 7/10


Colour spectrum such a lovely interlude. Has all of the elements of the album in it. Sort of a really short summary. Well done 8/10


Up&up i expected waaaaaay more after hearing it live. The first part of the song is just flat. But, i has the best lyrics of all the new songs. “angels in marble, waiting to be freed” that’s just fantastic! The second part of the song is better. But i absolutely HATE the fact they didn’t make the guitar part more powerful. I expected a big wave full of drums and loud guitars like in DAAOHF and fix you. really disappointing. and WTF is up with them by cutting the ends of the song?! 6/10


Overall. Yes, it’s pop, yes, it makes you want to shuffle your feet, but it missing something. It feels like they’ve put X&Y, VLV, MX and GS in a blender, took out some of the instruments, added a pinch of disco and try to present is as pop. 6.5/10

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In the over 8 hours that the leak happened, the album has been up all over the net already. I literally could have downloaded the thing 4 times and listened to each one in full in that time. Put just a little bit of effort in it yourself and you will find the link. It's really is as easy as a google search and sorting by date.

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What a crazy day guys.... I was getting ready for a family trip when I saw the leak. I downloaded it and was able to listen to the album about three times through throughout the day.


Obviously it takes a while for albums to settle in, GS definitely did for me. Overall I am getting similar reactions to Ghost Stories though.. There are songs right of the bat that I love and some that I don't like at all...and when I try to step back and look at the album as a whole I am just confused hahahaa


Tons of diversity on this thing. Truly, not one track sounds like the next. I don't know. I just feel like the songwriting is not very strong? Also, the tracks I love the most suffer from some production choices that are frustrating. Amazing Day and Up&Up are spectacular...but then they mix electronic drums to be really loud?? Why? It makes the actual instrumentation too quiet.


You can definitely feel the influence of Stargate throughout this whole thing and while it isn't disastrous, it isn't very good either. I am excited to have his new bunch of songs...but I can't say I love the album. It is good. Not great.

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This album is great, but isn't in my top with X&Y and MX. I'll put it just in the middle.

There are some songs I loved it, some that have to grow on me, and some that I'm not sure about it. Yet.


My list from my first listening:


Fun 10/10 (My favorite of the whole thing!)

Amazing Day 9/10

A Head Full Of Dreams 9/10

Kaleidoscope 9/10

Up&Up 8/10

Adventure Of A Lifetime 8/10

Colour Spectrum 8/10

Birds 7/10

Army Of One 7/10

Everglow 5/10

Hymn Of The Weekend 4/10

X Marks The Spot 2/10


By the way, this is the only album of Coldplay that has a better second part than the first part. It is not common.

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My quick review:


OVERALL: Overall, I am disappointed with the album as a whole. Not because the music is bad at all, but rather because it is overproduced. Hopefully it is the weak quality of the leak that makes it seem like this, but just too much random computer generated noise that some of the songs could 100% go without. Lots of echoes and vocal alterations that make it sound a lot more pop-ier than it needs to be. These songs will sound better than anything on MX or GS for me when performed live on stage though. THANKS STARGATE!


AHFOD: Honestly, one of my favorites, because of its simplicity and catchiness. Many have said its forgettable, but I was humming the chorus for days after I first heard the live version. The “ohhhs” are a little excessive, but don’t take away too much. Great way too open the album. (8.5/10)


Birds: The snippet didn’t really give us a good preview of the song. It gives off a radiohead vibe mixed with an X&Y vibe together with a strong baseline. Sounds much different than the UWTB version, either though it sounded A LOT BETTER like that. (7/10)


HFTW: Not a bad transition from birds surprisingly! Well here’s the pop song we all knew was coming, and I like it a TON more than POC. Trumpets and glass tapping in the background, make it bearable for me. For sure will be a top 10 hit on billboard, because it was made to appeal to the radio/dance audience. (6.5/10)


Everglow: Ok I’m just going to say it like I think it is. Gwyneth’s vocals are not very noticeable, but even so are SUPER unnecessary. Not a bad ballad, but not very memorable at the same time. Johnny's solo towards the end makes this song a lot better also, I love that. (6.5/10)


AOAL: Grows on me every time I hear it but still don’t love it. The groovy funky feel to the song really just makes you want to get up and dance around though. There are “ooh”s at the end once again, but they aren’t utilized too poorly. Song is still too long for me. (7/10)


Fun: Wow, Did not expect to like this one that much, but was not that bad! Easily one of the better songs of the album. The lyrics are a little bland and the song topic is not very abstract, but they fit the melody fairly well. Tove-lo does not have as much of a part as we first thought, and I am 100% fine with that. Avoided another POC once again on this album. (7.5/10)


Kaleidoscope: Odd, but Chris said the poem changed his life, so I will go along with it. Obama only comes in at the end for a few seconds. Not that big of a deal. (6/10)


Army of One: Lots of potential, ruined by too much production. Melody and lyrics flow very well. Random electronic noises in the back kind of piss me off though. Prospekt’s March meets Up in Flames. (6.5/10)


X Marks the Spot: I don’t want to talk about it. Thats how much it pisses me off. Chris is a genius, but in this one just takes the lyrics from the top ten pop songs on billboard and puts it together with some unnecessary organ. “Hands up,” “ride you like a rocketship,” “you make my heart boom da-boom boom.” Seriously…?! The worst thing about a hidden track is that it makes it impossible to delete haha(-9249249823759345/10)


Amazing day: This one received a lot of hate at first, but is very beautiful. “Sat on a roof, named every star..”. It’s just one of my favorites of this coldplay era for its elegance. When Will picks up the drum at the end, its so epic. The “oohs” kill it a little bit, but overall is a great song. (8/10)


Color Spectrum: Nice little interlude, filled with chirping. Pretty relaxing but very forgettable. (5.5/10)


Up&up: I didn’t get the hype when I first heard it, and I still don’t. Way too overproduced for how much more natural sounding it could be. Will sound amazing live for sure. The guitar solos are incredible though, and give the song so much more appeal. (7.5/10)


RECAP: Not a bad album, and not as poppy as I thought at first, but still too overproduced for my liking. Beats MX and GS for me so far, and I’m on my third listen to the album right now. Glad to have my boys back though!

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imho the best songs are:

AHFOD: massive opener. too bad Johnny's guitar is 'buried'

AOAL: this is so happy. groovy, funky, dancey. so, so good for happy moments of life. easily one of the best of the album, and one of the (new)play's best.

Amazing Day: a powerful coldplay ballad, nothing like overflow. so great.

Up&Up: what a closer. that's a shame that - like others have already said - Noel and Jonnhy's guitars are so muffled.


needs further listening:

Birds: on the first listen, I didn't like it. The second time, it began to interest me...we'll see.

Army Of One: it seems like a filler, but it's interesting, especially the 'sound fabric'


nothing special, for now:

Fun: well, actually it starts well. so damn good. but then it goes on like an average 2000 pop song, and the duet with Tove Lo... it's like Ricky Martin feat. Meja with 'Private Emotion'...wtf?

Everglow: nothing special for me. a dull slow ballad. maybe it'll grow on me, who knows.


sooo not coldplay, but actually interesting:

HFTW: the beginning has a lot of 'Homecoming' feeling, without Kanye. it's like Princess of China: without Rhianna, it would be a great song. This, without Beyoncè, and the part previewed in the snippet ('wings on me...'), has a lot of potential.

XMTS: wtf?


pretty useless (but good), like every coldplay interludes:

Kaleidoscope I would accept this in a 18-tracks album, not in this. uff.

Colour Spectrum the same as above

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Guest howyousawtheworld

And to think U2 were producing Achtung Baby when it came to their 7th LP.


And The Beatles were producing Sgt Pepper on their 7th effort......


Oh boy

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1. Birds-- 10/10--Wow. Just a great track, post-punk, The Cure-esque. Wonderful lyrics and instrumentation. Just lush. Instant Classic.

2. Up&Up--9.5/10--Better live, but love the tune and instrumentation (SOLOS!) But wish there was more piano and less electronic drumbeats. But a lovely closer.

3. Kaleidiscope/Colour Spectrum--9.5/10--Really enjoyed these interludes. Beautiful and dense. Wish they were longer if anything.

4. AOAL-8.8/10-- A solid disco-pop song. Great guitar riff, fun, danceable. Groovy rhythm section.

5.Amazing Day--8.8/10-- Quite beautiful. Love the strings. Wish there weren't electronic drums though.

6. AHFOD--8.5/10-- A good intro. Love the atmospherics, guitar, and dancy drums and bass. Too short though, feels incomplete.

7. Everglow--8/10-- Really gorgeous piano and guitar. Decent lyrics. Pop production kills the chorus, though. Feels a pop diva could swoop in and the song wouldn't skip a beat.

8.Army of One--8/10-- A solid synthpop song. Good lyrics, nice instrumentation. Feels incomplete too, however. Relies on same beat instead of mixing it up.

9. Hymn for the Weekend--6.5/10-- I like the intro a lot. Good piano and beat. Really lackluster chorus, however. Feels generic like ASFOS, nothing to come back for.

10. X-Marks the Spot--6/10-- I am giving it a D for effort. I like hip-hop, but Chris is a 40-year old, white, English alt-rocker. Good production but awful lyrics.

11. Fun--5.5/10-- I really don't enjoy this song at all. I have listened to it 5 times and can't remember a single lyric or melodic feature. It is simply one of the worst songs Coldplay has ever written and exemplifies the dullness of simple pop production.


Overall--8/10--This is being generous somewhat. I like the album but don't love it. Just my initial thought. Any of these could grow on me.

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Guest howyousawtheworld

LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"


Reading more and more reviews of X Marks The Spot via other music forums.


By all accounts it sounds as if Coldplay have committed something equating to musical genocide there. I fear for my sanity when I hear it first time.

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