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LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"

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So, Birds is the best Coldplay song in a while, i actually quite like the first four songs, i dont get all the Everglow hate :( i was wondering if anyone has found out where the snippet they sang during UATW came from? Which song is it in?

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Finally caved and downloaded it. I just started and I already agree about the overproduction. AHFOD was so much better live. Hopefully they'll do another live CD where everything is cleaner. I'm in love in Birds right now. The last run reminds me of Under Cover of Darkness by The Strokes. This'll probably be my favorite track from the album.

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OK so I have listened to the album three times so far... And this is my short review...


1. A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS - Nice track, it sounds very Coldplay to me. I wish that there were more songs like this one. It is a great opener, with some really good and interesting vocals. The live version is better, but I will live with this one, too. :)


2. BIRDS - THANK YOU GOD for this track! I have waited for something like this from them for so damn long. It's so indie-rock, it is so The Strokes, it is so unbelievably uplifting and just absolutely wonderful. My absolute favorite. I am so grateful for this song. I wish this one was the model for the album. You can hear the band fully come to life, all of them shine so brightly here, and it sounds...divine!


3. HYMN FOR THE WEEKEND - This track is just so utterly pointless, and uninspired. It's just a bunch of nothing. I hope it flops terribly, to be honest. Because it is pure shit, absolute garbage. A catchy line here and there and that's about it, but all in all, just...why?


4. EVERGLOW - Just like I said before, the most boring Coldplay track in a while. It's up there with Up In Flames and What If. The piano is nice here and there, but it is completely uninspired, and the vocals, are just hideous, painful to listen to. Did they have this song written for One Direction? I really find this to be incredibly skippable.


5. ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME - At first I hated it. I still do. :D But I don't hate as much. I can tolerate it. It's OK for what it is, a modern radio hit. I can even swear I hear the vocals in the loop say 'catchy, catchy'. I don't like songs which are made for the masses exclusively but I guess that they did a good job here. I like the ending, 'if we only got this life...' I will learn to survive hearing this song, the only thing I am bothered with it is that the people who used to find Coldplay to be shit, will now consider them 'cool'. It is sad, 'cause it is this song that people wanted to hear from them. They have become the band people have wanted them to become. One thing I can say though, it is not a boring track, unlike... the majority of the album. OK on to the next one. :)


6. FUN I really thought this was the old "Fun", penned for Natalie I. I wish it was, I have always liked the song and wondered what it would have sounded like had they kept it. So there is even the line 'Didn't we have fun?'... But the track is pretty bland to me, to be honest. It's nice but once again, not so very inspired to me. Chris just didn't do his best on this album. Not talking about the lyrics, I don't even care about it anymore. Seems like there is a lack of real melody here, a lack of consistency in the vocal lines, some nice moments here and there, but there is no real power... The chorus is nice, and that's it. And Tove Lo does a very nice job, too. All in all, it's an OK track, but that's it. Nothing more. Don't loooove it but don't hate it either.


[7. KALEIDOSCOPE - I think this is just brilliant. See, this here shows some strength that the album lacks so much. The "Amazing Grace" part by Obama... I am strongly against it, the reason is that I hate mixing politics with music especially for such a band like Coldplay. I think it was completely useless, and a very ass-kissing move from them. That crap aside, the music is beautiful and the poem just blends with it perfectly. A wonderful piece, truly. More exciting than most of the tracks here.


8. ARMY OF ONE - Absolute bullshit. One Direction rejection. Boring, goes nowhere, just... bad. Don't wanna waste any more words on this garbage.


X MARKS THE SPOT - What the actual fuck? I hope that they are ashamed of this crap one day. How old are they again? It is definitely top 3 worst Coldplay songs ever, I don't ever want to be reminded of its existence anymore. They failed miserably with this one. So bad I wanna throw a rotten tomato in Chris' face. IT IS SO DAMN BAD. EDIT: This is the worst Coldplay song ever.


9. AMAZING DAY - Nice song, but... Up to this point of the album has gotten so very tired. It is nice, but it is yet just another ballad, with some more 'oooooh's ... and it's enough I think. "oh thanks God" is just ridiculous.


10. COLOR SPECTRUM - Pointless, even though it is a... nice way to lead to the album's end, but why the hell this is a single track, I can't tell. Should have put a proper song there instead. But not a shit one like X marks the spot, still can't get over that junk.


11. UP & UP - It is nice, but a bit overrated IMO. I do like the Brit vibe so damn much though, and it is a real song, by real musicians, I like the energy and even though I am not crazy about it, I appreciate this track. Could have been a tad shorter.





I ain't gonna lie. This is, in my opinion, the worst Coldplay album ever. I don't even feel like listening to it in its full length ever again. It is plain boring, without any power, and the message, the hype of all of it being colorful and full of life... well, it's not. It is mostly a collection of slow, dragging tracks that go nowhere, with an excessive use of chanting oooooh's (really, know when to stop)... I truly believe that this is their weakest effort, it sounds rushed, and there is not enough creativity. I honestly feel that they were in a hurry to put this album out. Or if not, they just... really didn't demonstrate some great ideas here. Half of the tracks are completely forgettable and lazy. They have tried some new things here and there, and some worked well, some failed miserably. The main problem with this album is that it is boring and doesn't have real strength or tie.


So all in all, a huge disappointment, but the tracks I will appreciate are Birds (which I think is the best track here), A Head Full Of Dreams, and to a far less extent Up&Up, Fun and forcibly Adventure of a Lifetime. The rest... I wouldn't mind not hearing it ever again.


Also, I gotta say this - Guy is the star of the album, and the absolute let-down of the album is Chris. His effort is just so below his standards for most of the album... :(




This review is so so spot on. I was exactly the same, I didn't even want to listen through a second time. Birds is fucking great, but apart from that no proper outstanding songs.

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Dude I agree 100% with you on your opinion about this album, I hate the production as well.






haha sorry, Im not in a pleasant mood after all the hype for this album!

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Since there aren't any saying it's bad, the album must be freaking amazing! I'll wait for the release though :)


lol no it's not, trust me °__°


Someone trustworthy please pm me





Well, here's my short review:


To me, this is their worst album. Because to me Coldplay always had their own kind of sound, but it's completely drown out on this record. I like about 3 songs, the rest is super over produced, the electronic drums are really bad, Chris's voice is too quiet most times so you can't understand what he's singing about, and for my personal taste there are way too many freakin guest vocals on there. It all feels too mechanic, too sharp, and in no way or form does is come close to the warm organic soft feeling the older Coldplay songs give me. There is no room for me breathe on this album, it just throws itself into my face with its loudness. This is wayyyy to pop oriented and soulless somehow for me to like it. It's a shame. The songs would have sound really nice at times, but the overproduction totally kills it for me

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Hype??!?! This album was probably one of the least hyped Imo


Well I felt hyped as usual :P It was things like Chris saying he was done with making songs sounding too clean/perfect, people saying Up&Up and AHFOD were incredible, and articles about how uplifting the album is (which it really isn't)

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