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"Atlas" vs. Ghost Stories

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Same rules as all the x vs. Ghost Stories threads, but this time up against "Atlas", which never appeared on a Coldplay album, although appears on a one-track single release.


I'll start!


Atlas vs. Always In My Head

Atlas vs. Magic

Atlas vs. Ink

Atlas vs. True Love

Atlas vs. Midnight

Atlas vs. Another's Arms

Atlas vs. Oceans

Atlas vs. A Sky Full of Stars

Atlas vs. O



Yes, this is both a parody of and a semi-serious x vs. Ghost Stories thread. Enjoy! :lol:


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The vocals are a bit dry/dead I'll admit, but the piano is really good - quite unique and not sounding like...anything else really. And the slide-ebow combo that Jonny does in the choruses genuinely harks back to Oldplay in a fresh way. Will and Guy have solid contributions of course, and the piano-guitar interplay at the end is really unique and cool sounding - both good lines. Moreover, it just has a sense of 4-dudes playing music that is additionally supplemented by a couple simply electronic things (noises in the choruses, vocal production at the end, atmospherics on the drums).

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