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nostalgic post

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Logged on here for the first time in awhile and I just had deja vu of when I was 16 and sat for hours on here. Or is that called vertigo? When you feel like you're you back in time..??


I dunno


I just remember planning my days around logging on here (which actually sounds pretty lame when you admit that to people in person)... But I just got nostalgic listening to coldplay and felt the need to come back on here and say something.


It's so different in here tho!!! And you all are probably thinking who the heck is this


Just wanted to say hi to whoever remembers me (:





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I'm 17 now and I'm stuck here since last summer even though there wasn't any news. I don't know what I was hoping for, but I think it's because I was (and still am) jobless teenage. :lol:

By the way I remember that you liked some of my art :wacky:

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