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True Love is the next video? *Official video released*

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i think it reflects more on what his current mental state is. and one major factor of that seems to be making music that his kids would love.

When he first said that I thought he was either joking or was just being a great father in trying to somehow please his children. But of course now we know he is dead serious. And its terrifying! :\

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I am still not really sure about the video. But I am glad that they kept the suits till the end - for a moment I thought that when they found each other they may change to their "normal" selves. That would have been really cheesy. :embarrassed:



Before the video came out I had imagined a "simple" video with the band, too. But thinking about this now something occured to me - True Love is certainly a very personal song for Chris. So a reduced, intense video may have had the danger of becoming a bit too intense and personal - with all the world interpreting it as the official break-up video for him and Gwyneth. So maybe that's one of the reasons they went this way? Then of course I may be totally wrong and Chris just always wanted to dance in a fat suit ;)

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Now that I have overcome my initial shock. Here are some thoughts about the video:


- It has nothing to do with the song, but maybe this was intentional. When I first read the song lyrics, I had tears in my eyes thinking they were such painful & heartbreaking lyrics :teardrop: This video gives the opposite feeling of the song. Perhaps because Chris has already left that dark place & moved to a brighter one. He would want to associate the song with something colorful & funny instead of some painful memories.


- A video for his kids to enjoy as some of you have mentioned. It could be a possibility because he doesn't want them to feel bad because of their parents breaking up so he makes it up for them by making them feel special & cared after, featuring them on the record, filming a music video to their taste.


- If the previous point is correct, then we will be stuck to such kind of childish videos till his kids grow older (late teens), provided that he doesn't have any more kids & we get to listen to nursery songs :lol:


- The video is reminiscent of the Magic video. Same idea, same ending & even same Chris' character; a neglected talented janitor/ a neglected talented magician assistant. Add to this a beautiful actress ( Jessica Lucas is so pretty)who falls in love with him & a happy ending & you get 2 copies of the same video. Even one picture from Magic was used on True love!


- The janitor's name is Hugo, the (anything is possible) message. The prism with the 7 rays of light..All could be hints for the new era. This makes me excited, though I can't decipher the codes for this. Remember the ghost doodle at the Atlas lyrics. There might be hidden hints also that we didn't pay notice to. :surprised:

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The Panic Station video?! That was extremely creative and very funky in a rock and roll kind of way. You simply cannot compare the two.


Muse are legendarily good at music videos. Its outrageous to compare them to Coldplay.

Totally agree!

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A few things intrigue me about this video: the Parachutes reference (sunset), the Back to the Future reference (skateboard), the fact that you can hear just a split second of Midnight at the end, and the non-Ghost Stories graphical style of the multicolored stuff at the beginning and end.


This seems very well in line with what Chris said about the next album being a celebratory album.



[smoke is rising from the houses]

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