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Hey there, fellow Coldplayers. : )

Few days ago i stumbled upon "first Coldplay gig" video where you can hear unreleased song "So Sad" for few seconds and now i just cant get it outta my head. 13 seconds of eargasm just stuck in my head. Tryin'a to figure out chords for this beauty but no luck. It seems that the first chord is "A".


Can someone help me, pleeease : )?


: )

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I'm giving this a quick listen so hopefully I can help out in a few minutes. first chord in the progression sounds like F#min7 ( from low E to high E in standard. then Emaj. Then Amaj (5-7-7-6-5-0) then Bmin__(7-9-9-7-10-0) That's what I heard. Hope it's somewhat useful. If you think it's way off, I'll spend more than a few seconds on it. seems to work though..cheers



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Simpler versions of the chords should work too. F#min (2-4-4-2-0-0), Bmin (7-9-9-7-0-0). If it doesn't sound right, I'd try playing around with the order of the chords. I think these seem to be at least the essence of the chords used. Coldplay like to use alternate tunings, although much of their early early stuff, like Bigger Stronger, is in standard and remarkably ingenious. Especially the chorus to that one

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