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Coldplay FAQ's and index - Read before posting!

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Attention! : Please make sure you are posting on the right section of the forums. For the new album discussion, you want the Ghost Stories forum, where there are individual sections for each song! For past releases, one off releases such as soundtracks and the next album/LP7, use the Coldplay releases section. For Coldplay's live performances, use the 2014 section for this year and other years are listed too.


For everything else Coldplay related and band member discussion, you are in the right place! Look below for the index of popular topics, updates from The Orcale and more!



The Band & Their People (thanks Jenjie)




Photos & chat about Chris

Discussion about Chris’ tattoos




Photos & chat about Guy

Guy & Apparatjik

Guy’s collaborations with Magne




Photos & chat about Jonny




Photos & chat about Will




Photos & chat about Phil




Photos & chat about Gwyneth




Chat about Apple




How do you know which Roadie is which?


The Oracle


What questions has The Oracle answered recently?

Do you know the identity of The Oracle?




What updates have appeared on Coldplay.com recently?


The Messenger


What was the latest news from The Messenger?


Coldplay Twitter


What are the Coldplay gang upto at the moment?


If you have any questions, please ask! Regular forum members : feel free to post any further links or FAQ's that will be of assistance to new Coldplayers

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How about Apple and Moses? He is cute too :)

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