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Unsure about my top 5

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I felt like i had to have 5 favourite songs from my absolute favourite band so i chose these:


1. Yellow (favourite song ever)

2. Sparks (favourite romantic/melancholic song ever)

3. Warning Sign (i feel that this song represents everyhing i adore about Coldplay, musically and lyrically)

4. Strawberry Swing (never fails to brighten my mood)

5. I just can't decide between Charlie Brown and Hurts Like Heaven, i like both so much but i think CB might be slightly ahead


It's really hard to choose 5 songs out of the dozens of songs that they have because i love all of them (except Twisted Logic) and i've been thinking about adding Ink, i like that song so much but i'm just going to have to let it mature for a while and see how it ages :)

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Top Five constantly changes for me! It needs to be more like top 100, because there are only a handful of Coldplay songs ( Up In Flames, True Love, ASFOS, X&Y, What If) that I usually skip over. Right now....well I would say:


1. 42 --makes me go crazy every time it comes on. Beautiful and dense.

2. Politik -- no need to explain this.

3. Shiver -- so damn fun. so goddamn fun. excuse the language.

4. Midnight-- beautiful, experimental (by Coldplay standards) and relatively new.

5. Magic-- Even newer and just a blast to sing along, dance and mellow out to.

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1.The Scientist - Coldplay's fan-favorite classic ballad.

2.Fix You - This song always gives me hope.

3.Strawberry Swing - The hidden gem of Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends.

4.Everything's Not Lost - This one calms my spirit.

5.Amsterdam - Still the best closer for me.

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1. DAAHF/The Escapist - I think that this right here is the peak of Coldplay. The lyrics are some of the best Chris has made. The melodies are simplistic but beautiful. Every member of the band has a huge role.

2. 42 - Almost as good as #1 the only difference is that #1 has more variety of sound. 42 has some of the most creative Coldplay arrangements though. Between the solos, the lyrics, and the strings - it doesn't get too much better that that.

3. Clocks - The quintessential Coldplay song, one of the finest produced songs I've ever heard. I always get chills when i listen to the first 10 seconds.

4. Always in My Head - The perfect new age Coldplay song, especially for GS. The production is flawless, the lyrics are direct, and Chris Martin's voice is raw.

5. Amsterdam - Used to be #1 then I listened to it too many times... Still so good, the climax is unmatched. My only problem with it is that after so many listens, it tends to draw on a bit.

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My Favourite 5:

1. Don't Let It Break Your Heart

2. Everything's Not Lost

3. Shiver

4. Daylight

5. Always In My head


IMO Their Best 5:

1. Politik

2. Amsterdam

3. See You Soon

4. Fix You

5. Everything's Not Lost


There's always a difference between my favourites and their best. Of course my favourite changes from day to day. And their best is extremely hard to order and narrow down to 5

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Congrats to you all for managing to decide on a Top 5, that's very impressive to me :lol:

I've managed to agree with myself on a Top 3 that hasn't moved in months and I'm pretty happy with that

1. Politik :dazzled: I think their most powerful song and one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. Absolutely mind-blowing to me. I think it's really an important song.

2. DAAHF/The Escapist :dazzled: Man, what a song! As someone pointed out in their top 5, this song is the essence of Coldplay: it has a very wide range of emotions and sounds, and you can hear each member's contribution is really important.

3. Clocks :dazzled: My favourite among their big hits, an absolute classic. And somehow I really identify with the lyrics. This song means a lot to me.

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In no particular order with the exception of Amsterdam.


1. Amsterdam

2. Warning Sign (Don't know why I love this one so much, always have)

3. Fix You

4. Viva La Vida

5. Up in Flames


Subject to change at any time. Top 5s are always hard for me to do.

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It's really difficult, but:

1. Don't Let It Break Your Heart - just look at lyrics!

2. Swallowed In The Sea - this song really moved my cold (as I think) heart.

3. DAAHF/ The Escapist - i can't even say why, it's just perfect.

4. Speed Of Sound - Guys don't like it, but I love it :D

5. Shiver - Cool climate. and that video! Really great!

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It's really hard to choose but here's my top 5:


1. Warning Sign (ok that was easy, my fav song EVER!!:dazzled:)

2. Hurts Like Heaven

3. Life In Technicolor ii

4. See You Soon (Live 2003)

5. Midnight


Almost made it to my top 5:


Strawberry Swing

Don't Panic

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

A Sky Full of Stars

Always in my Head

We Never Change

A Message

Ghost Story

Ladder to the Sun

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1.Fix You (I fell in love for the first time to this song, and it still breaks my heart every time I hear it)

2.Life is for Living-Glastonbury Live version (One of the most emotional performances I've ever song it's a gorgeous song)

3.Us Against the World- Means a lot to me

4.Swallowed in the Sea- Such a euphoric song. Their most underrated song in my opinion

5.Politik- The second half of this song is just stunning. Especially the Live 2003 version


Nearly made it-


Warning Sign

The Scientist


Green Eyes

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Muh list:


1. Amsterdam

2. Politik

3. Ghost Stories

4. The Scientist

5. Yellow


Individual albums:



1. Yellow

2. Shiver

3. Sparks

4. Everything's Not Lost

5. Trouble



1. Amsterdam

2. Politik

3. The Scientist





1. Talk

2. Twisted Logic

3. Speed of Sound (non-conspiracy version)

4. The Hardest Part

5. Fix You



1. Violet Hill


3. 42

4. Lovers in Japan

5. Viva la Vida


Mylo Xyloto:

1. Moving to Mars

2. Hurts Like Heaven

3. Charlie Brown


5. Paradise


Ghost Stories:

1. Ghost Story


3. O/Fly On

4. Magic

5. Ink

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