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Ghost Stories Live 2014 out 24 November

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so i bought it on iTunes and i realise i can't play it outside iTunes/Quicktime/apple device since it's DRM protected which kinda sucks since I wanted to play it on my TV :\

Should've just waited for the physical copies to be in stores here instead and bought it :blank:

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Did anyone notice on the DVD version that when it finishes the live performance instead of automatically going to the menu, it automatically starts playing the live performance again?


It is intentional. The director of the film said that the idea of circles is prominent through out the film. There was an interview where he talked about the making..


The film starts and ends with the same frame, and for the DVD / Blu Ray version of the piece we have looped the film with a seamless join, so that it plays in a continuous loop, cycling forever. The perfect-circle.
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To the one saying it's not available in Spain, yes it is! I bought it today (I'm in Valencia btw)


I watched the whole thing this evening and when if finished I was like: No, wait, it's over? I want more!


I've loved every performance, from start to finish. I could watch the DVD over and over again. Always in my Head is special, and the True Love performance brought tears to my eyes. Not because of the sad lyrics, not because I was thinking about my life experiences or anything - I had tears in my eyes because of the inner beauty of that song. It was so beautiful it made me cry.


Out of the extras, I enjoyed the Magic extended version very much, and the 2 bonus performances too. I was surprised that Always in My Head sounds twice in a row as illustrated video and bonus performance, thought they could have put another song in between them.


The Sky Full of Stars performance reminded me a lot of the happiness of Mylo, and it's sweet to have that among the overall nostalgia everpresent in the album.


All in all, I'm in love with this album and the DVD is as great. I'm off to listen to the live CD! :ghoststories:

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