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"Miracles" new original song by Coldplay for movie "Unbroken"

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Where is that song??? Bring it out already! I could really use a good song for the end of the year to get ready for a new year full of miracles. :)


I am longing for it....counting down the days actually!


Wishing you a year of beautiful Miracles and for many more years to continue...


The Sun must set to Rise.... :heart:

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Guys! It's leaked.


Oh god how good the first seconds of that song feel!


OH MY GOD. The whole track is DIVINE...that rhythmic clapping (is it clapping...have only listened once so need to double check) at the beginning is so beautiful.


It's so PURE...the whole song and Chris' voice sounds like an Angel...that melody...I am so in love with this song...so very in love...

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Without exaggerating. I think It's better than any song on Ghost Stories.


I would call it "Magic" sounding as big as "A Sky Full of Stars"


Seriously...THAT SONG IS A MIRACLE...I have never, ever heard anything so beautiful...it is completely in a league of its own...Your right, its so big yet sensual and so gentle....It takes you to another place...

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