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Royal Albert Hall Songs on the Ghost Stories Live 2014 CD/DVD

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I don't know if this is already figured out, I couldn't find it anywhere. So we have Ink on the DVD/Bluray and Always In My Head, Midnight and A Sky Full Of Stars on the CD.


My question is from which night are these songs? Maybe someone can help me if this isn't answered yet.


What I already figured out:


(I compared the songs to the radio broadcast from the July 1 show)


- Always In My Head is from July 2 (Listen to the last lyric "Out from the rest...")


- Midnight, i'm not so sure. Only thing I could find: No clapping before "Millions of miles from home" on the radio broadcast. On the CD there is.


- A Sky Full Of Stars, I have no idea. Chris repeatedly asks to turn the lights on at the beginning of the song, that was also in the radio broadcast. But in the end he says "Thank you so much everybody", and on the CD it is "Thank you everybody". Could it be a mixed recording from both nights?


- Ink I will try to figure out tonight.


Maybe you can check, and correct me if I'm wrong. I would really like to know for sure.

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Ink on the blu-ray/DVD is a mix of the hole concert. You can easily see that the video is cut a lot and often the lights and what the band does, does not match to the music.

Not sure on what date it was recorded.

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It seems like they edit these songs rather heavily. This is not a direct answer to your question, but compare the radio broadcast of Ink in Casino de Paris to the CD version. It sounds like Chris's vocals are from a different concert. During the radio broadcast he was singing pretty loosely, not as much on the CD.

Audience cheering / clapping is sometimes mixed between concerts as well. Watch the end of Ink on the DVD: you can hear people start clapping before you see them doing it.

So indeed the songs could be mixes from both (or maybe even other) concerts.


One last thing: if you play the the Ink video synchronously with the CD version, you'll notice that the audio is exactly the same.

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I noted also on "Always on my head" that Chris don´t salute the public (¡Oh is fun! or some else i remember at the beguinning of the song at RAH) Perhaps is some type of postproduction editing... not shure...

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