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Warning Sign (Guitar cover)

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Hello again instrument room! This is my cover for Warning Sign on electric guitar.

It took me years to nail the chords and tuning (the las bit was the frequency set to 434Hz).

I bought the Songbook, here are the two tunings of the song, also keep in mind the 434Hz.

Tuning option 1: E A D G B D (Capo 3)

Tuning option 2: E A D E A E (no capo, according to the book. Capo 1 according to some guy on this forum.)



Anyway, hope you like my cover :)




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I used the Line6 Mobile POD app for iOS. The gain was relatively low, bass as well. Lots of mids and treble. I also added reverb and a chorus pedal (all settings turned to zero, it just adds a nicer, richer sound). :)



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