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Two shiny new forums!

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Two new forums / sections have been added :)


One for Coldplay's next album, 'A Head Full Of Dreams'




And the other for 10 years of X&Y (#X10Y)




And to quote from the sticky thread for the X&Y forum:


The 10th anniversary of Coldplay's third album is approaching and over the course of the year, mainly in the spring/summer, we'll be looking back and transporting you back to 2005!


The official hashtag for 10 years of X&Y is #X10Y!


The guidelines are simply : Any thread with a [X10Y] tag is talking in presence tense / transporting you back. Please keep posts inline with 10 years ago so with March, we only start finding out the tracklisting from the middle of the month :P If you are unsure, our archives are always open to look through : http://www.coldplaying.com/2005/03/


Anything without a tag is talking in past tense.


Thank you and enjoy :D


You may have noticed the Live 2015 section too and that Ghost Stories has moved into the releases forum, alongside older Coldplay albums.

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