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Beginner on acoustic guitar - c

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Hi all,


First off hi, I'm new to the forum !

I have recently bought an acoustic guitar. Unfortunately I am not a musical type of person in terms of playing. I tried to play Clocks since it's basically just 3 chords and I thought that it's gonna be easy. Somehow, I don't get it right though. I can play the single chords for themselves, but I can't shift from one chord to the next within time, so it sounds awful. Anyone has a link to a tutorial that is on a very, very basic level for beginners ? Which other Coldplay songs beside Clocks are easy to learn for beginners, and suitable for acoustic guitar ?


As I said, I am a very un-musical person - but I still wanna give it a try....for "if you never try, then you'll never knooow" ;)

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