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CP FANS around the world

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Hey thanks thesIeepingsun! That means a lot to me, so much actually. I love communicating with people like you, all over the world! I hope for you and S. America they start their tour their since you guys got side-stepped the last couple times they came around! :P Hopefully I'll get more posts and you won't be so alone!!


Aw thanks you're so sweet! I think we all need them to start a new tour all over the world! I'm gonna try and see if I can find more fans from here, so I can help you with this awesome project!

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Awesome project ! I LOVE it ! I think also I might be the only one in my area.


Lamentin, Guadeloupe (little French island in the Caribbean ==> F.W.I. [French West Indies]). I'm sorry for all the details but it may be hard to find it if you don't know about this region ^^)


:viva: Strawberry swing :viva:



==> Twitter : L_97one

==> Instagram : strawberry_swing_in_japan

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Do you need the exact location? I'm asking because I wrote my favorite song on the post #44 saying only the country anyway I'll write it again

Mexico city, Mexico

Viva la Vida

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:parachutes: I have a few updated pictures of the map of COLDPLAY FANS AROUND THE WORLD! This is as of June 20th 2015. There were a few who just gave me a state name or country name (no city) so I just had to stick a pin in a random place in that country/state…but I'd say 95% told me the city and I located it on a map app from Apple and/or google maps and pinned as accurately as I could…more will follow but these are a few regions of the world thus far! :parachutes: You guys are the best fans in the world, as Coldplay always says. One pic is of my "raw materials"..pens, manual list of cities I kept as they came in. I hope it continues to grow! I hope you like them, more will be revealed shortly!








@Spraycan Soul : Well I found that you tagged me in the map.. (Ben- from Trivandrum, India, Kerala)

But will you please add my name in your manual list too??? n please take a pic of it too while you post it...please...

I wasn't in the list u recently updated (manual list pic)

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