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CP FANS around the world

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Okay guys, here is VERSION 2 of the MAP OF CP FANS AROUND THE WORLD. Hopefully the pictures come across in this message. There was some heavy updating done in the Far East (Indonesia, Vietnam) as well as the USA (especially Texas). You may see 2 Australian pins "in the middle of nowhere"; that's because those 2 replied with just "Australia" and no city name. If you want me to update that to a city just let me know in a post. Thanks everybody for joining in…this is a huge amount of fun for me.



41d92c0e8c2564ba830a.jpgf558f0df77143154967f.jpg b955a7e9fc179be5efcc.jpg 4dc09357a19964f88ae8.jpg d487e56258cfdd9d1209.jpg 85b9848113aa5cbc4476.jpg 29af60bd52955d72297a.jpg 94f03fdda2e41e37c3d1.jpg 560731a93c6a97e62c4b.jpg af6da55c5d4fb0b1874d.jpg ec8bd70adcd2fc75047d.jpg 729a5078f956b88edde6.jpg 45beaaf5468dde946ee1.jpg 88625d7dc4f1e97ab541.jpg ec4eac9953760b46f808.jpg 504f3123d03a971ad3db.jpg 383efab6f59475211040.jpg cffbe59d6ac144f6417e.jpg 832d7cbf4cc4105a8b07.jpg 19f256943a2a3c171215.jpg 05a71f98fe9dcebaa12a.jpg 038c1d2cf40dffbc212c.jpg 953fcae509875e554fe8.jpg aef496122af4e6bed1ea.jpg 6a372540536127950616.jpg bb675c22783b0f525208.jpg cd93e2bb9ecb2c580570.jpg a4285a50d2ed7552219b.jpg 77f21f25b5e29ced2b6d.jpg bc22858a762b6ea946f2.jpg 1ddcea47e9a28c286b3f.jpg 4876ac22aea2ae1f80d7.jpg e7d860b8196b6b0ad2f1.jpg 1b108b88200f5f639730.jpg c38d0937a36b0006d7b8.jpg 963ecd95bbe4f3ab2f3e.jpg 45395a375d7c439e1be7.jpg 958efce2d7ac0c901ca1.jpg 05cc809d735c4cb05dc3.jpg 513714c7c8b4b6fa0977.jpg c7c938b53446207eb04e.jpg 2f8427c788056ac755aa.jpg d0ed46d9b654941889c6.jpg ffa40da57a609c195ab4.jpg 09962be1e892d0cc129c.jpg 63f110b62b84d7efc102.jpg

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Thanks buddy…appreciate it!


It's brilliant! So lovely to see it. Great job. It's so inspiring to see all the light one group of talented artists can shine all over the World [emoji304][emoji290][emoji288][emoji289][emoji304]

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