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It looks fantastic. May I suggest you to write Viva la Vida next to Mexico? You know the title was inspired by Frida Kahlo and she is from Mexico.


Absolutely! That is a great idea. Will certainly be in Version 3:P thanks!!:viva:

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It's brilliant! So lovely to see it. Great job. It's so inspiring to see all the light one group of talented artists can shine all over the World [emoji304][emoji290][emoji288][emoji289][emoji304]


So incredibly nice of you to say. Thanks!

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Hello! Pensacola,Florida! Viva La Vida (and Amsterdam):viva:


I'm looking for the BIGGEST Coldplay fan in the state of Florida... ideally someone going to see the band play in the SUPER BOWL in a few weeks. Is anyone here in Florida going? I'm doing a 30-minute TV show for CBS in Tampa and want to include a huge Coldplay fan in the show. Email me [email protected].

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