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Coldplaying Fan Interview with Frank

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Coldplaying.com welcomes all Coldplayers around the world. Today, we are going to interview one Coldplayer from Germany - he is also an admin of Coldplay Collectors Club on Facebook where Coldplay fans share their Coldplay collections in any shape or form.

Hello Frank, how are you?

I am doing very well. I’m wishfully awaiting the next CD and the tour.

So first of all, welcome to Coldplaying, Frank. We hope you enjoy staying at our site.

I first of all would like to thank you for this interview and for your great coverage on Twitter and Facebook. Everyday I visit your sites hoping to find something new and interesting about Coldplay.

Can you tell us the first time you discovered the band? What does it feel like to be a long-term Coldplay fan?

I can remember it exactly. In 2008, Viva La Vida attracted my attention while listening to it on the radio. I loved it instantly and bought the CD, after that I was devoted!

I love our great CP community and have gotten to know so many awesome people around the world. It is very exciting and I believe that everyone who loves Coldplay are good and dear people.




So you have been to their studio before. Have you finally met the band? Who is your favorite member and why?

Yes I have, and it is so exciting as well as a great feeling to stand in front of the studios! The atmosphere there is something which you barely can describe. In the hope and desire that the guys could come out in any minute while you are standing there, is awesome.

It was on 17th October 2013 when I was in London to try to meet the guys at the Bakery. After waiting for hours in the rain on “the bench” Phil Harvey actually came up around the corner on his bicycle. He greeted me very nicely and explained that unfortunately the guys were not there. We had a little chat, took a few photos with him and finally Roxy gave me an autograph card with the signatures from the guys. Phil Harvey is a very great person!



My opinion is very clear. Chris is absolutely No. 1 for me. I love his voice so much and he always has a positive charisma. But is it clear to me, that they all make a one. I would give everything, just to meet him one day and I would, as much as possible always try my luck at the Bakery / Beehive. Unfortunately Chris is nowadays mostly in LA and my chances of meeting him in London have become very rare. I have a few days of holiday in June and hopefully I will pick up some information from you, that he will be in London at the same time.

Let’s talk about your Coldplay Collectors Club. We think the idea is amazing to build a community for Coldplayers around the world. Can you remember the very first time when someone posted their first collections? What’s your excitement to be a part of the community?

Oh yes, I remember quite exactly. I based the CCC Coldplay Collectors Club in affect, as a passionate collector of CDs, I was looking for a specific CD and had the idea that maybe there are more collectors like me, out there. I soon realized that we inspired some fans to start a collection of their own. It is a great pleasure to share our dreams and wishes with one another. We also are so lucky to have a specific collector, Oz Meister who collects such awesome, particular and personal items of the guys. Such as, original outfits and instruments Coldplay used on their tours. Unbelievable! Since we have become a very large community I have made two dear members, Lynne Barker and Hendrik Schiwon to be additional admins. I would have never of meet Lynne and Hendrik if it wasn’t for Coldplay. Lynne lives in LA and is a long-term, “beyond hardcore” fan. I am so grateful for Coldplay. They have given us so much happiness and without them I would not have meet so many dear friends.

How many times have you seen Coldplay? Can you tell us about the most memorable concert experience?

As of today, I have been to seven concerts. My very first was on 14.09.2008 in Hamburg, the Viva La Vida tour. It was so brilliant, that I bought tickets then for Hannover which was on 25.08.2009 and for Duesseldorf on 27.08.2009. In Duesseldorf, I was very close to the small stage and then of course so close to the guys as I have never been since then. It was heavenly!




Then came the MX tour. I was in Berlin on 21.12.2011, it was so wonderful to hear Christmas Lights live for the very first time. Followed then by Hannover, on 22.09.2012 there it being an Open Air.


The Ghost Stories gigs which were last year, I attended to two of them. The London gig at the Royal Albert Hall on 01.07.2014. It is well known, that it was very difficult to purchase tickets for any of the Ghost Stories gigs. It often required a lot of luck and/or stressful weeks before the gigs. It was my biggest wish to see Coldplay at the RAH. So I booked flights and a hotel room even before I had tickets. A dear friend, Susanne Weiser was lucky a day before the gig to purchase two tickets for me. Needless to say, but before the gig in the evening I made my way with a few more fans to the Bakery, in the hope once more that I would be able to meet one of the guys there. No luck this time either. But the gig then made up for it, big time! It was so awesome and so emotional for me. My luck came back to me on this evening. At the gig I meet Phil once again! 06.12.2014, Munich also was a very special gig for me. I first need to explain, that there is a small private community on Facebook which goes by the name of “Coldplay Freunde Deutschland”. We are 71 very crazy, dear, hardcore Coldplay fans. It was once again very stressful to attain tickets for Munich. Many of us would be on the internet the whole day for weeks, just hoping that more tickets would be released. Shortly before the gig most of us had tickets! This community is very special to me, because I also started it five years ago. Without it, being a fan of Coldplay would be half as fun. The day of the gig was very special, because it was the first time the most of us had meet each other and what an occasion to do so! Imagine 700 fitting into one hall and you know 50 of them over years through the internet. Then you meet them for the very first time at a gig of a band which you all have the same passion for. It’s simply overwhelming! Unfortunately I miss out on Phil after the gig. He came out to the fans for autographs and selfies. At that time I went out to catch some fresh air. But luckily many friends were able to meet him.




If you had to choose one between two Coldplay albums: Parachutes or Mylo Xyloto, which one would you go for?

Mylo is of course upbeat and fast-paced but at certain times Parachutes is more suitable, all depending on my mood at the time. Oh, I’m sorry but I cannot choose just one I love each and every album. Every one of them has a unique character and I truly listen to each of them with the same kind of pleasure.

What is your favorite Coldplay lyrics / lines of all time?

There are really very many songs that are special to me, but I need to say, that for me the songs aren’t really about the lyrics. I simply enjoy the music and Chris’s voice.

So you mentioned earlier that you always check Coldplaying everyday on Facebook and Twitter. Can you share your Coldplaying experience with us :)

Like I’ve said, every day I take a look at your site, because I am full of hope to discover the best news there is about the guys. With every day that passes, it is a day that moves us closer to the album and the tour. You are an awesome site and community, where I sense that you have the best connections to Coldplay. Somehow we are a big Coldplay family.

My biggest wish is still to meet Chris Martin someday.

Can you name one favorite music video.

The Scientist because It was my first video of Coldplay I saw it on Youtube.



Now, we would love to see your collections :)






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Nice article and collection, and yes Chris's voice is (was ? :cry:) brilliant ! Pity you can't zoom in on the collection photo - there's lots of CDs there I have never seen before and would like to take a closer look :)

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yeah this is our dear admin. I love this German Fan Group so much. And I am on both photos, the collage and the group photo from concert in Munich Dec 6th 2014. He is so right. I love my Coldplay Family. Everyone is so kind and spread the love :love:


luckily in Munich I met Phil :D

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thanks grids ! Whoa, as i said before loads of CD's I never saw, so it was very interesting.


Buckin, yeah I just saw the group ! :-) I am from germany too, btw. But I am no collector actually, I only have 2 CDs and 3 DVDs

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